Latest information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

DCCA Services In Response to COVID19


The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs is closely monitoring the emergency situation involving novel coronavirus or COVID-19, and offers information on consumer rights on matters such as landlord-tenant, mortgage deferrment, price gouging and more at


Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) offices statewide are CLOSED to protect the health of the public and our employees as the department practices social distancing. Offices will be closed from Friday, March 20th through Thursday, April 30th. Unless otherwise noticed, DCCA’s offices will reopen on Friday, May 1st.

Pursuant to Governor David Y. Ige’s directive of March 17, 2020, to address the spread of COVID-19, all DCCA employees have been directed to not report to the office and telework from home to the extent feasible. During this period of office closure, no walk-in services will be available and the public is strongly encouraged to use our online services.

DCCA also offers information on consumer rights on matters such as landlord-tenant, mortgage deferrals, price gouging and more at

Phone services will also be limited and email contact is recommended, contact information for each agency can be found at and below. Phone lines staffed at this time are:

  • Cable Television Division: 586-2620
  • Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO): 587-4272
  • Division of Financial Institutions: 586-2820
  • Office of Administrative Hearings: 586-2828
  • Professional and Vocational Licensing: 586-3000

The DCCA has continuously strived to improve its services to the public and has expanded the availability of online functions for a range of services to include business filings, and professional and vocational licensing, and more.

Professional and Vocational Licensing (MyPVL)

License List Builder; Professional Licenses 

Allows you to build and download a customized list of licensees under the jurisdiction of the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division. 

License Renewals 

Renew your professional or vocational license online through MyPVL.

PVL – Initial Guard Licensing 

Hawaii’s Professional and Vocational Licensing (PVL) initial application system for Security Guard registration. Applicant can complete an online application with payment and receive real time status updates. 

Professional Licensee Search 

Look up information about individuals or businesses licensed by the Professional & Vocational Licensing Division.

Business Registration – Hawaii Business Express 

Annual Business Filings 

File your annual business report with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Business Data List Builder 

Allows you to build a customized list of businesses registered in the state of Hawaii.

Business Registration 

Register a business online in the state of Hawaii.

Business Search 

Allows you to search all businesses registered in the State of Hawaii. Most documents and filings are available to purchase.

Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) 

Purchase and print a certificate of good standing for your Hawaii business.

MyBusiness Notifications 

Notification service that offers annual filing and trade name, trademark, and service mark reminders via email and/or text messages. There is also an option that provides near real-time business activity monitoring for better visibility and insights into your business in Hawaii. 

Complaints Lookup – 

Business Consumer Complaints Search  

The Office of Consumer Protection search allows you to check if a business or individual has had complaints filed against them and view the outcome of those complaints.

Licensee Complaints Search 

The Regulated Industries Complaints Office search allows you to check if a business or individual has had complaints filed against them and view the outcome of those complaints.

Real Estate Branch 

Condominium Association Registrations 

Submit condominium association biennial registration(s) online.

Real Estate Continuing Education System 

Check your continuing education status online.

Business Registration Division – Securities  

Securities Registration Filings 

Franchise Filings 

Hawaii Insurance Division 

Hawaii Insurance License Print Service 

Lookup and print a Hawaii Insurance License.

Insurance Agent Continuing Education Status 

Allows insurance licensees to review their current continuing education requirements and completed courses applied to their current CE due date.

Insurance Continuing Education Provider and Course Search 

Allows insurance licensees to obtain information on continuing education providers and courses. 

Insurance Information Submittal System 

Allows insurance agents to submit certificates of insurance information (authorized users only).

Insurance License Renewal System 

Renew your insurance license online.

Insurance License Search 

Search insurance license information for individuals or companies.

Insurance Provider Continuing Education Submittal 

Submitting continuing education classes.

File an Insurance Complaint 

File a complaint against an insurer or insurance agent.

Division of Financial Institutions (DFI) 

DFI Licensee Lookup 

Look up information about companies or individuals licensed by DFI.

Hawaii Post Secondary Education Authorization Program 

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