Hawaiian Language Video Content

The Hawaii State Constitution (Constitution) designates Hawaiian as an official language of Hawaii and states within the context of education that the State shall promote the study of Hawaiian culture, history, and language. In promoting Hawaiian education, the Constitution further states that the use of community expertise shall be encouraged as a suitable and essential means. Consistent with these constitutional mandates, the State of Hawaii Legislature (Legislature) has taken various actions to protect, revitalize, and expand the role of the Hawaiian language in the State, including use of community non-profit organizations with expertise in Hawaiian language, education, history, and culture to further the State’s educational efforts. The use of such community expertise allows the State to meet its constitutional mandates and provides an essential and cost-effective means to further Hawaiian education.

In furtherance of the above, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) on April 20, 2016 issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to select a Contractor to develop cultural, historical, and educational video programs in Hawaiian that can be delivered statewide through a variety of media platforms. The link to the RFP is set forth below.

RFP-CATV-16-OO1-SW Request for Proposals to Provide Hawaiian Language Video Content

RELEASE: Request for Proposals Issued for Hawaiian Language Video Content