CATV Overview/Services

A description of CATV’s mission with links to key services

The Cable Television Division (CATV) issues franchises to Hawaii cable television companies. CATV regulates the rates for the basic tier of service and its related equipment and installation costs, monitors the quality of service, and handles subscribers’ complaints about cable television matters. The Director of the DCCA issues franchise terms and requirements to the cable television companies through Decision and Orders. The Director is also, at his/her discretion, advised on policy matters by the Cable Advisory Committee whose five (5) members are appointed by the Governor. From time to time, CATV also contracts with outside consultants and their reports are submitted to the Director and made available to the public via the CATV website. Lastly, the CATV enters into contractual agreements with private, not-for-profit entities to manage and operate Public, Educational and Government (PEG) channels provided by the cable operators.

CATV has been given additional responsibility to implement activities to create ubiquitous access to high speed broadband at affordable prices throughout the State. These activities include: supporting public and private efforts to enhance or facilitate deployment; making recommendations to establish affordable, accessible broadband services to un-served and underserved areas; increasing usage and demand for broadband services by facilitating deployment of expanded broadband applications and services, such as telework, telemedicine, and e-learning; and assisting in implementing recommendations in the Hawaii Broadband Task Force Report (December 2008).