The Cable Television Division (CATV) supports the Director of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) in the regulation of cable franchises and operators.  CATV’s primary regulatory function is to determine whether the issuance, renewal, or transfer of a cable franchise is in the public interest, considering factors including the legal, technical, financial, and operational ability of the applicant or franchisee to provide safe, adequate, and reliable service.  The Director of the DCCA sets franchise terms and requirements for the respective cable television franchise operators through issued Decision and Orders and letter orders.

CATV also supports the Director of the DCCA in administering other duties under Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 440G.  In particular, CATV monitors the quality of the cable television service provided under the cable franchises and assists subscribers with cable television concerns that they are unable to resolve directly with their cable provider to ensure that all such concerns are appropriately resolved, as possible; assesses customer satisfaction through review of surveys and reports; and encourages cable operators to extend facilities to non-covered areas and improve overall services for the people of Hawaii.

CATV provides support for the Governor appointed Cable Advisory Committee, which advises the Director of the DCCA on certain cable policy matters.  CATV also assists with the designation of, and agreements with, the private, not-for-profit entities that manage and operate Public, Educational, and Governmental access channels; and supports other programs consistent with CATV’s role that provide benefit for the public.

In 2010, the Legislature passed Act 199, Session Laws of Hawaii 2010, which charged CATV with broadband-related duties to promote and facilitate broadband adoption and use.  Specifically, these broadband activities include supporting public and private efforts to facilitate deployment of, and access to, competitively priced broadband and Internet access services across the State; promoting broadband adoption and use to increase demand for broadband level communications; and assisting in implementing recommendations in the Hawaii Broadband Task Force Report (December 2008).  Related to these efforts, the Director convened the Broadband Assistance Advisory Council (BAAC) which provides advice and assistance to the DCCA Director on policies and funding priorities to promote broadband use and to expedite deployment of affordable and accessible broadband services in Hawaii.  CATV provides support for the BAAC and its activities.