This website will allow consumers to check out businesses, individuals or licensed professionals that you intend to hire or do business with. It offers a number of online resources for consumers including licensee status and licensing complaints, tax and business registration, and other educational materials. As the search functions for licensee and business status is separate from complaints history, users are encouraged to use all of the available options below.

Licensee Name Search

Certain services require the use of a professional licensed by the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division. Use this function to find out if a license is up to date or valid.

This website allows you to search for information about professionals licensed by DCCA. The Department is responsible for 25 professional boards and 26 licensing programs, for a total of 51 different professions and vocations which can be found at: If a professional is not listed, it may be licensed by other Federal, State, or local government agencies.

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Licensee Complaint History Search

Licensed professionals may have had prior complaints filed with the Regulated Industries Complaints Office. Find out if your licensed professional has any prior complaints or disciplinary actions.

This site provides information about complaints involving professions licensed by the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division as well as unlicensed activity investigations related to those professions. For complaints against Cable Franchises, Financial Institutions, Securities Dealers, Insurance Entities, and Utilities please check with the appropriate DCCA agency. Please also use the Business Complaint History function for consumer complaints, which are classified differently than license violations.

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Business Name Search

Check on a business registered to do business in the Hawaii. Find out when the business was established, the names of the people involved, and any other previous names of the entity.

Business Complaint History

The Office of Consumer Protection enforces general consumer protection laws and investigates unfair or deceptive practices. Find out if a business has general consumer complaints. Please also consider using the Licensee Complaint History Search, which covers infractions relating to professional or vocational licenses.

General Excise Tax License Search

Check on whether a business or individual has a general excise tax license with the State of Hawaii Department of Taxation.

Final Orders and Disciplinary Actions

These actions include dispositions based upon either the results of contested case hearings or settlement agreements. Respondents enter into settlement agreements as a compromise of claims and to conserve on the expenses of proceeding with an administrative hearing.

Consumer Education Materials

Find a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and educational materials including informational brochures, a military consumer guide, and guides to preparing for natural disasters.

Landlord Tenant Information

Stay ahead of potential landlord-tenant issues by actively educating yourself on the rights and responsibilities.