News Release: Board Makes Adjustments as Security Guard Deadline Approaches

Posted on Jun 27, 2013 in PVL



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Board Makes Adjustments as Security Guard Deadline Approaches


HONOLULU – The Board of Private Detectives and Guards that is under the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) yesterday determined that it would allow some security guards to continue working past the upcoming registration deadline even if their application has not been completely processed.


July 1, 2013 is the date security guards have to meet new requirements in order to be registered and continue to work as security guards. That means that people who have not registered by that deadline cannot act or continue to act as a guard.


In recent weeks, the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division of DCCA has been flooded with filers hoping to beat the deadline.


Given the last-minute rush to register, the Board will allow those who have filed the necessary paperwork before July 1, 2013 and attested that he or she has met all the requirements to continue working as a guard; provided that the Board will subsequently review the application and determine whether the applicant actually met the requirements or not. If the applicant is subsequently approved, a guard registration card will be issued that will be retroactive to July 1, 2013. If the applicant is subsequently not approved, a guard card will not be issued and the applicant may have engaged in unregistered guard activity if he or she continued working after July 1, 2013.


If an applicant filed before July 1, 2013, but indicated that one or more of the requirements was not met (such as a criminal conviction that the Board must review), the person cannot continue operating as a guard until the Board approves his/her application.



Who can continue working as a guard without registration card?

  • Applicants who turned in an application before July 1, 2013

, and attested that he/she meets all of the new requirements(for more information, please go to


Who cannot continue working as a guard?

  • Applicants who turned in application before July 1, 2013, and

indicated that he/she does not meet one or more of the requirements

  • Those who have not submitted an application for registration as a guard either before or after July 1, 2013


Security Guard Requirements:

  • Be not be less than eighteen years of age;
  • Possess a high school education or its equivalent;
  • Not be presently suffering from any psychiatric or psychological disorder which is directly related and detrimental to a person’s performance in the profession;
  • Not have been convicted in any jurisdiction of a crime which reflects unfavorably on the fitness of the individual to act as a guard, unless the conviction has been annulled or expunged by court order; provided that the individual shall submit to a national criminal history record check as authorized by federal law, including but not limited to the Private Security Officer Employment Authorization Act of 2004, and specified in the rules of the Board;
  • Successfully complete eight (8) hours of classroom instruction; and
  • Undergo four (4) hours of on-the-job training (not required for registration, but required to work as a guard)


Potential applicants can go online to download the application, find a listing of certified instructors and other related information at:


The registration period for security guards began in January. DCCA saw few applications until the end of April when registration began picked up in volume.


DCCA’s offices are opened from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on State holidays.




For media inquiries, please contact:

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