Discover a great career opportunity with the State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

The State of Hawaii is one of Hawaii’s largest employers and offers a competitive compensation package. Public employment requirements and other information regarding working for the State of Hawaii can be found on DHRD’s website.

The following are non-Civil Service (Exempt) positions available at the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA). A complete list of positions at the department is available at the following links: civil service positions and exempt positions.

For more information, or to apply, please see each posting’s complete position details. Interested applicants also need to submit Form 278 to the hiring office indicated on the recruitment notice.

Business Registration Division

CRF Investigator IV

This position will be responsible for planning and conducting investigations into violations of the securities and franchise laws (Position Details #102086).

Staff Attorney

This position will be responsible for providing legal services in the investigation and prosecution of securities law and franchise law violations. (Position Details #123144)

Cable Television

No positions available at this time

Office of Consumer Protection

No positions available at this time

Division of Consumer Advocacy

DCA Administrative Specialist

This position provides administrative support to the Public Utilities/Transportation Officer and Executive Director in the administration of the daily operations of the Division. (Position Details #123136)

DCA Program Specialist

This position provides complex analytical work in support of the Consumer Advocate’s duties and responsibilities. (Position Details #123137)

DCA Research Analyst V

This position will be responsible for conducting research and analysis of Federal, State and local laws and ordinances, programs and regulatory policies. (Position Details #120189)

Public Utilities Staff Attorney III

This position will be responsible for providing legal services to the Division. (Position Details #123135)

Supervising Public Utilities Attorney

This supervisory position will be responsible for assisting with the review and analysis of matters pending before regulatory bodies and recommends appropriate action for the Division’s consideration. (Position Details #110962)

Division of Financial Institutions

No positions available at this time

Professional and Vocational Licensing

Real Estate Specialist II

This position provides advice/education/referral/research on the administration of real estate licensing laws and rules assigned to the Real Estate Branch. (Position Details #102122)

Regulated Industries Complaints Office

RI Investigator IV (Hilo)

This position performs investigative activities germane to the prevention and detection of violations related to the rules, laws, and regulations under DCCA jurisdiction. (Position Details #120233)

Insurance Division Positions

CIAF Insurance Program Specialist

This position will be responsible for providing professional administrative support services to the Captive Insurance Branch. (Position Details #118637)

CRF Insurance Rate and Policy Analyst III / IV

This position is responsible for conducting examinations and analyses of policy provisions and rates for all classes of insurance, and for all insurance organizations subject to State regulation for compliance with statutes, rules and regulations. (Position Details #110317)

INS Health Actuary (Health)

This position will be responsible for analyzing the impact of the law on certain health insurance rates. (Position Details #122974)

INS Health Rate and Policy Analyst

These positions are responsible for conducting supporting health insurance rate and policy analysis and research. (Position Details #122881, 122936)