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Archive of past newsletter issues

Issue #20, March 2014
Schofield Barracks Power Plant project, Oahu-Maui Undersea Cable update, Aina Koa Pono biofuel contract denied again, Getting to 100% Renewable on Molokai, Natural Gas Price Watch, 2014 Lifeline Income Level

Issue #19, September 2013
Integrated Resource Planning, Competetive Bid Waiver, Fraud Alert, Lanai Wind, Interisland Cable

Issue #18, June 2013
PUC Decision and Orders, 2013 Legislation, Big Wind Study, Freeport LNG Approval, ETC Choices, Financial Aid Through LIHEAP

Issue #17, March 2013
Settlement Agreement with HECO, Fast-Tracking Renewable Projects, Green Financing, Hawaii Refinery Task Force, Molokai Wind Farm Talks End, Freight Rate Adjustment Proposal

Issue #16, October 2012
DCA attends PEIS meetings, Discussing Liquefied Natural Gas, PV rule changes, Larry Ellison’s Lanai Plans

Issue #15, March 2012
New PUC Commissioner, Kauai Smart Meters, Hawaii Energy, Changes to Lifeline

Issue #14, October 2011
New PUC Commissioner, On-Bill Financing, Bidding for Renewable Energy, Young Brothers Rate Increase Request, What is Cramming?

Issue #13, March 2011
Tiered Rates, Rate Case, Refunds, Lighting Standards, Understanding Lumens, Lifeline Eligibility, Pasha Starts Service, HT Emergence

Issue #12, October 2010
Decoupling, Kahuku Wind Project, Solar Rankings, Electric Vehicles, Reorganization Plan, Phasing in Increases

Issue #11, March 2010
DCA’s new executive director, rate increases, the 2008 blackout, Pasha Hawaii, Molokai water rates, and how you can access docket information online.

Issue #10, October 2009
Why Choose CFLs? Rates on the rise. Electric lifeline. Telecom goes “fully competitive.”

Issue #9, April 2009
Superferry shutdown. Lifeline electric rates. Molokai increases on the loom. Efforts to boost broadband in Hawaii.

Issue #8, January 2009
Blackouts, Damage claims, HECO Rebates. Young Brothers rate increase request. Hawaiian Telcom news.

Issue #7, October 2008
PUC approves Molokai water rate increase. HECO requests another rate increase. Using solar power. Finding savings through bundled deals, and more.

Issue #6, May 2008
Explaining DCA and DCCA, Hawaii’s Clean Energy Initiative, CFL Recycling, and Digital TV.

Issue #5, January 2008
Free Phones on the way. Discussing undergrounding power lines, rising electric rates, and more ways to cut back on electricity use.

Issue #4, October 2007
Discussing renewable energy and consumer savings. Do you need a landline phone?

Issue #3, July 2006
This issue of Consumer Spotlight focuses on the Telecommunications Industry. In it you will learn more about common fees and curcharges, how to resolve complaints, and a comparison of wireless and landline services.

Issue #2, November 2005
In this issue of Consumer Spotlight you will learn about the importance of PUC public hearings, regulated water and wastewater services in Hawaii, and the One Call Center.

Issue #1, July 2005
This issue of Consumer Spotlight introduces readers to the DCA and also discusses energy issues like energy conservation and efficiency.