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Issue #32, August 2018
Test Your WaterSense, KIUC-AES PPA, HECO Rate Decrease, PUC Acts on Kilauea Lava Flow Effects, HELCO Rate Increase
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Issue #31, June 2018
Hana Water Systems Rate Cases, Electric Vehicles, Ratepayer Protection Act, PUC’s HECO PBR Investigation, Lifeline 2018 Income Levels
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Issue #30, April 2018
PUC Opens Tax-Related Docket, Phone Scam Alert, West Hawaii Utility Company Rate Increase, Fix-A-Leak Week, LIHEAP Application Period Approaches
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Issue #29, February 2018
Hana Water, LLC Rate Case, PUC Approves HECO Rate Increase, KIUC-AES PPA, Use Windows to Keep Heat out, Young Brothers Rate Case
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