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Issue #36, April 2019
LIHEAP Program, Young Brothers’ Rate Increase Approval, CA SOPs for HECO PPA Applications, Reduce Hot Water Costs, PUC Commissioner Appointment
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Issue #35, February 2019
Hawaii Gas Rate Case, Saving Money on Fuel, ‘No Charge’ Charging Stations, HELCO Rate Case, Hono Heke Tariff Change
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Issue #34, December 2018
KIUC website update, HECO replaces meters, Holiday water-saving, Lighting facts label, Waikoloa rate case update, HECO launches NEM Plus program
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Issue #33, October 2018
Energy Action Month, MECO Rate Case, CBRE Program Approved for HECO, Tips for Downed Power Lines, CA Brief on Performance-Based Regulation
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