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Other Financial Education Resources for Keiki (youth)

Hawaii LifeSmarts Program

The Ultimate Consumer Challenge, is a FREE consumer education competition open to teens in grades 6-12.  The competition tests students on their knowledge of

(August – December)

LifeSmarts Personal Finance Resource Links.

LifeSmarts covers many important personal finance topics including your first job, insurance, banking, credit and more. These resources complement classroom curriculum and serve as study guides for LifeSmarts teams

CFPB Youth Financial Education

Developing financial knowledge, skills, and habits is an important stepping stone on young people’s path to adult financial well-being. The tools and resources listed here support K–12 financial education.

Your Money Your Future: A Practical Money Guide for Students

One of the best things about having your own money is that you get to choose how to use it. Whether you get a weekly allowance or get paid for walking your neighbor’s dog, your first step in handling your money well is to think about short-term and long-term goals. Then make a plan to reach them.

It takes a bit of practice to master your money, just like it takes time to learn to ride a bike. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be ready to tackle all sorts of money twists and turns. In this money guide, you’ll learn to earn, save, budget, spend, borrow, protect and give.


Interactive Game & Activities for Keiki (youth):


VISA: Practical Money Skills


Peter Pig’s Money Counter:  (ages 5 – 8)

Learning about money is fun with Peter Pig. In this interactive game, kids practice identifying, counting and saving money while learning fun facts about U.S. currency. After completing the game, players are rewarded with a trip to the virtual store to buy accessories within budget and dress up Peter Pig in fun scenes.


VISA: Practical Money Skills

The Payoff: Immersive Online Game: (ages 14 & Up)

In The Payoff game, play the role of Alex or Jess, two up-and-coming video bloggers who are preparing for a life-changing video competition while managing their finances and handling unexpected events. In the immersive game, developed by Visa, help Alex and Jess make smart financial decisions within the tight three-day deadline and complete their video for the competition.