Fire Claim Information

  • Promptly review your policy.
    • If you do not have a copy of your policy, request a copy from your insurer or agent. If you cannot understand the policy provisions, ask your insurer or agent for assistance.
    • If your residence was damaged or destroyed, follow the procedure specified in the policy to file a claim with your insurance company.
    • If you have experienced loss of use, additional living expenses and/or loss of rents, review the limits and duration of this coverage (if available).
      • Submit receipts for any cost above your normal daily ones you incur due to the evacuation or loss to your property such as meals out, hotel stays and longer-term temporary lodging.
      • If you have questions, ask your insurance agent or adjuster for more information about this coverage
  • If applicable, secure your property to prevent further damage (keep receipts for any materials used to do so) and take photos/videos of the damage.
  • Don’t begin permanent repairs until damage is inspected by an adjuster or told to do so by your insurer.
  • Set damaged items aside for later review/inspection by your adjuster.
  • Work with your adjuster and contractor to estimate the cost of repairs or the cost to rebuild your property.
  • Submit proof of loss forms or other claim forms if requested by your insurance company.
  • Receive claim payments and begin repairs.
    • There may be supplemental payments issued by the insurance company if additional damage is discovered in the course of repairs.
    • Be careful of scams (do not sign your entire claim payment over to a contractor).
      If the damage is extensive and you have a mortgage, your claim payments may list you and your lienholder as payees.

For more information, please see A Consumer’s Guide to Home Insurance

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Rebuilding After the Fire

When it comes to rebuilding your home after fire damage, certain steps are essential for a successful recovery. Among these steps, hiring a licensed contractor and ensuring you’re working with reputable businesses or individuals are paramount. Let’s delve into these crucial actions to help you rebuild with confidence.

1. Hire a licensed contractor: Ensure that you hire a licensed contractor for your repair and rebuilding needs. Learn more

2. Know Who You’re Dealing With: Before doing business, understand the legitimacy of the company or individual you’re dealing with. Utilize BusinessCheck.Hawaii.Gov for valuable information.