(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-10LIC
Subject: New Changes and Mandatory Requirements for Individuals and Business Entities Due to The Transition to NAIC’s State Based System (SBS)

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-9R
Subject: Catastrophe Models for Hurricane Exposure in Hawaii (“Hurricane Models”)

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-8LIC
SUBJECT: New Requirements for Producer Training Under Act 58 (2022)

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-7R
SUBJECT: Hurricane Insurance Data Call Worksheet
(EXCEL) Hurricane Insurance Data Call Worksheet

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-6R
SUBJECT:  July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023, SERFF Filing Fees Reduction

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-5LIC
SUBJECT: Remove Marine and Transportation (“MA”), Personal Lines (“PL”), Surety (“SU”), and Vehicle (“VE”) Lines of Authority (“LOAs”) on Licenses if the Licensee also Holds Property and Casualty (“P&C”) LOAs

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-4LIC
SUBJECT: Online Submission Mandated for License Reactivation

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-3LIC
SUBJECT: New Requirements Regarding Timeline to Complete Continuing Education

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022 –1C
SUBJECT: Captive Insurance Company 2021 Annual Filing Requirements (Due in 2022)

(PDF) Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022 –2C
SUBJECT: DOMESTIC Risk Retention Captive Insurance Companies 2021 Annual Filing Requirements (Due in 2022)