Practice Questions

Technology According to the FTC, how old should a child be before he or she is permitted to use social networking sites without parental consent? Answer: Thirteen years old

Enviornment The scientific theory that variations in trace components of the atmosphere, primarily carbon dioxide, can greatly influence the heat of the Earth’s surface is known as? Answer: The Greenhouse Effect

Consumer Rights The government has programs that help people with incomes below a certain level. One of these programs, known now by the acronym SNAP, issues coupons which can be exchanged for groceries at authorized stores. What are these benefits called? Answer: Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program; “food stamps”

Technology If you find that your profile has been altered, what should you ask the company that runs the site to do? Answer: Take down the profile; restore the previous profile

Personal Finance If your name is misspelled on the front of a check, how should you endorse it? Answer: Sign it twice; once with the misspelling and once with the correct spelling

Health and Safety While you are driving down a road, the car tends to drift to one side. To keep the car straight, you must keep the steering wheel firmly in position. What is a possible cause of this problem? Answer: All of the cars tires do not have the same air pressure; the wheels are ...
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Consumer Rights & Responsibilities If your identity has been stolen, name one of the several steps you should take immediately. Answer:Place a fraudalert on your credit reports; review your credit reports; close any accounts you know or believe have been tampered with; file a police report in the community where the identity theft took place; ...
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Technology Software downloaded to fix or update a computer program is best know by what term? Answer: A patch

Personal Finance Public services such as parks and police officers are generally funded by what? Answer: Taxes

Health and Safety What is the first thing you should do if you are stung by a bee? Answer: Remove the stinger