Aloha Coaches!

Welcome to the Hawaii LifeSmarts program! Are you still on the fence about whether or not to join the program? Don’t be, there are many benefits you and your players can take advantage of in the LifeSmarts experience.

We have listed just a few below.

Scholarship Opportunities

LifeSmarts partners with organizations around the country to provide scholarship opportunities for all its registered players nation wide.

Resources for your classroom

LifeSmarts offers many classroom and team-based resources to help students master consumer content and prepare for the competition. Check out some of the Teaching Resources

LifeSmarts Aligns with Common Core State Standards

The LifeSmarts program content is aligned with the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI). The Common Core Language Arts Standards place renewed emphasis on academic/content vocabulary and the interpretation and evaluation of nonfiction text.

Coaches FAQ

Still have questions about the program? Check out this page for frequently asked questions from coaches across the nation.




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