Practice Questions

What are photovoltaic panels? Answer: Solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity; solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity in an environmentally friendly way

If you sign up your home phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry, how long will your number remain in the registry? Answer: Forever; until you no longer have that number; until you ask to have your number removed

Another person holds the same job as you, but for a longer time. Because this person has more experience, he or she may have additional work privileges, such as more convenient work hours. What is this concept called? Answer: Seniority

When discussing mobile communications, what are emoticons? Answer:Symbols used to portray emotion in text

What is the most commonly abused drug among youth in the United States? Answer: Alcohol

A person that purchases or uses a product or service is called a what? Answer: Consumer; customer

What term describes the underlying hardware or software for a computer system? Answer: Platform; operating system

The maximum amount of money you can charge on a particular credit account is known as the: Answer: Credit limit

Name one way the police might test a person’s Blood Alcohol Content. Answer: Breath test; blood test; urine test; saliva test

In 1972, the United States passed the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which sought to protect what sea mammal from harm due to tuna fishing? Answer: Dolphins

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