Practice Questions

This recurring payment is paid by a franchisee to the franchisor. It is based on a percentage of the business’s weekly or monthly gross income: Answer: Royalty payments

Outsiders who try to get into computers through the Internet are called: Answer: Find the answer this and every Thursday!

What federal law sets the federal minimum wage? Answer: FLSA; Fair Labor Standards Act

Most Americans get most of their daily fluoride from what? Answer: Their drinking water

Environment You are buying apples at the grocery store and have a choice between loose apples in a bin and apples packaged in cardboard and cellophane wrap. Why is it better for the environment that you pick from the loose apples? Answer:  It reduces waste

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities You complained about a faulty product and received consumer redress. What does this mean? Answer:  You got action on your complaint; your problem was resolved in your favor; you got the result you wanted from the company selling the faulty product

Technology Technology Studies have shown that young children who regularly view media violence exhibit what kind of behavior? Answer: Aggressive; violent behavior; anti-social behavior; become less sensitive to violence; become more fearful; use violence to solve conflicts

Personal Finance If an employee is under 20 years old, employers can pay the Youth Minimum Wage, currently $4.25 per hour. Up to how many days may an employer pay the Youth Minimum Wage? Answer: 90 days

Health & Safety This ingredient, derived from the chemical fluorine, is commonly found in toothpaste and helps prevent tooth decay. What is it? Answer:Fluoride

Environment You complained about a faulty product and received consumer redress. What does this mean? Answer: Rain falls on a mountain, taking small amounts of rock with it. This describes what process, where land is worn away by water, wind or ice?