Practice Questions

Consumer Rights and Responsibilities How many justices serve on the Supreme Court of the United States? Answer: Nine; (eight associate justices and one chief justice)

Technology As fewer people use traditional landline telephones, VoIP ( voyp ) has become increasingly popular. What is VoIP? Answer: Voice over Internet protocol; the protocol and method for providing voice communications over the Internet; phone lines that run over the Internet and since they are virtual can cost less money to use

Personal Finance Why does the personal net worth of most Americans peak when they are in their 60s? Answer: It peaks before retirement – they are earning the most and haven’t started to draw down their assets yet; many people are done paying for children’s higher education

Health & Safety Name one thing you should avoid if you are indoors when lightning strikes. Answer:Windows; doors; electrical appliances; landline telephones; water

Environment If you dump used motor oil down the gutter in the street, where does it go? Answer: Directly to a stream; a river; the ocean; a body of water

Consumer Rights What is the name of the highest court in the United States? Answer: Supreme Court (of the United States); SCOTUS

Technology As it relates to hackers, why is it a good idea to turn off your wireless network router when you’re not using it? Answer:Limits the time your network is susceptible to hackers; your system is less likely to be hacked.

Environment What type of habitat does this describe – Water saturated lands where aquatic plants and animals live. Answer: Wetlands

Consumer Rights The federal SNAP program is administered by which federal agency? Answer:USDA; U.S. Department of Agriculture

Technology According to the FTC, how old should a child be before he or she is permitted to use social networking sites without parental consent? Answer: Thirteen years old