Investment Advisers with its primary place of business outside of Hawaii

  1. RIA Registration – All individuals intending to do investment advisory work in the state are required to be licensed.  Information on licensing can be obtained by calling    (808) 586-2730.  In addition, all representatives of the applicant who will be referring clients to third-party money managers and receiving compensation for such must also be properly licensed. (HAR §16-39-438)
  2. Annual Financial Statement – A copy of the adviser’s most recent financial statement filed with the state where the adviser maintains its principal place of business. (HAR §16-39-435)
  3. Bond – A surety bond is not required; however, the applicant must be registered as an investment adviser in the state where it maintains its principal place of business and must show proof of compliance with such state’s bonding requirements, if any. (HAR §16-39-434)
  4. Contracts – Submit all investment advisory agreements, contracts, and/or brochures that will be presented to the client. (HAR §16-39-430)
  5. Affidavit – Submit an affidavit stating that there was no investment adviser activity in Hawaii prior to registration.  The affidavit must be signed by an officer of the applicant and notarized.  The Investment Adviser Affidavit Form is available for your use.