Manufacturer Information

Because Lemon Law is different in every state, it is important for manufacturers’ representatives be educated in Hawaii’s Lemon Law.  To assist you in understanding the Hawaii SCAP program, carefully review the 4-step process for manufacturers.

Step 1 - Review Claim Process
The  Lemon Law Handbook for Manufacturers will help you understand the claim process
Step 2 - Respond to the Claim
Complete and gather the following:

    • Your Manufacturer’s Statement
    • The vehicle’s complete service history
    • The vehicle’s relevant technical service bulletins or reports
    • The vehicle’s manufacturer warranty
    • The Consumer’s signed Statement of Consumer’s Rights under Hawaii’s Lemon Law
    • A filing fee of $200.00 paid by check made payable to “Director of Finance” or electronic funds transfer pursuant to instructions of the SCAP Case Administrator

Submit the documents and filing fee no later than ten (10) days from the date of your receipt of the Consumer’s claim. 

Step 3 - Prepare for the Hearing
  • A Notice of Hearing will be mailed to you with the date, time and location of the hearing
  • Schedule a vehicle inspection with the Consumer (if requested by you in your Manufacturer’s Statement) and submit a report of that inspection
  • Sample Lemon Law Hearing Video - to learn more about the arbitration hearing
Step 4 - Attend the Hearing
  • Gather all your documents and evidence and attend the hearing
  • Watch the mail for a decision from the arbitrator


Hawaii’s Lemon Law and administrative rules

Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 481I (PDF)

Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 181 (PDF)