OCP Hawaii Revised Statutes

HRS Chapter 209; Section 9 – Rental or Sale of Essential Commodities During a State Disaster; Prohibition Against Price Increases
HRS Chapter 290; Section 11 – Towing of Unattended Vehicles
HRS Chapter 437D – Motor Vehicle Rental Industry
HRS Chapter 446 – Debt Adjusting
HRS Chapter 446D – Degree Granting Institutions
HRS Chapter 446E – Unaccredited Degree Granting Institutions
HRS Chapter 476 – Credit Sales
HRS Chapter 480; Section 2 – Unfair Competition and Practices
HRS Chapter 480D – Collection Practices
HRS Chapter 480E – Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act
HRS Chapter 480F – Check Cashing
HRS Chapter 481A – Uniform Deceptive Trade Practice Act
HRS Chapter 481B – Unfair and Deceptive Practices
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 1 – Unsolicited Gifts
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 1.5 – Mail Order Schemes
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 1.6 – Offers of gifts or prizes; unlawful
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 11 – Refunds for Sensitivity-awareness Groups
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 12 – Credit Repair Organizations
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 13 – Gift Certificates
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 14 – Hotel or Restaurant Service Charges
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 2 – Misrepresentation as to Giving Aid to the Disabled or Handicapped
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 21 – Cybersquatting
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 5.5 – Refunds and exchanges
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 6 – Sale of Solar Energy Devices
HRS Chapter 481B; Section 7 – Sale of Computers
HRS Chapter 481C – Door-to-Door Sale
HRS Chapter 481D – Going Out of Business Sales
HRS Chapter 481F – Sale of Prints
HRS Chapter 481H – Water Treatment Units
HRS Chapter 481K – Assistive Technology (for Disabled Persons) Warranty Act
HRS Chapter 481M – Lease-Purchase Agreements for Personal Property
HRS Chapter 481P – Telemarketing Fraud Prevention Act
HRS Chapter 481X – Service Contracts
HRS Chapter 486N – Health Clubs
HRS Chapter 521 – Residential Landlord-Tenant Code
Part I. General Provisions and Definitions
Part II. Rent
Part III. Limitations on Rental Agreements and Practices
Part IV. Landlord Obligations
Part V. Tenant Obligations
Part VI. Remedies and Penalties