About OCP

The Office of Consumer Protection (“OCP”) serves as the consumer counsel for the State of Hawaii under Chap. 487 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”). As consumer counsel for the state, OCP is the primary agency responsible for reviewing, investigating and prosecuting allegations of unfair or deceptive trade practices in consumer transactions. In addition to its enforcement powers, OCP provides consumer education and promotes awareness of important consumer protection issues through its programs, media releases, and educational materials.OCP has jurisdiction over a wide range of businesses and commercial activities. OCP receives a broad variety of consumer complaints each year, including, but not limited to: advertising violations, door-to-door sales,  gift certificates, offers of gifts and prizes, going out of business sales, refunds and exchanges, collection practices, credit sales, health clubs, towing, fine prints and motor vehicle rentals. More recently OCP has investigated and initiated enforcement actions in numerous consumer fraud cases stemming from mortgage foreclosure rescue scams under HRS Chaps. 480 and 480E.

OCP also is responsible for providing the general public with information about the Hawaii Residential Landlord Tenant Code through its Landlord-Tenant Information Center.

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