Practice Questions

Health & Safety If you get a permanent tattoo, you cannot give blood for what time period? Answer: One year

Personal Finance How often should you balance your checkbook? Answer: Every Month

Consumer Rights In each state and the federal government the highest ranking legal office is the…? Answer: Attorney General

 Technology A new version of software designed to replace an older version of the same product is an…? Answer: Upgrade

Health & Safety What is the most important criterion in choosing a toy for a small child? Answer: Safety

Environment What is the proper way to dispose of used motor oil? Answer: Recycle it, take it to a service/collection facility

Consumer Rights In political terms, what is a “lame duck”? Answer: A politician who will not be returning for the next session.

Personal Finance The temporary use of property in return for periodic payments is called…? Answer: Leasing or renting

 Technology The basic unit of information used in computers is called a… Answer: Zero and one

Environment Products that can be collected, separated and processed to be used as raw materials are known as…? Answer: Recyclable