Practice Questions

 Technology What three numbers do you dial to connect to local directory assistance for phone numbers in most areas of the U.S.? Answer: 411

Consumer Rights A legal document that shows ownership of an automobile is called the…? Answer: Title

Personal Finance An owner of stock is called the…? Answer: Stockholder

Health & Safety Name one of three things that bacteria need to grow. Answer: Moisture, warmth, food.

 Technology WYSIWYG is a term for an image on a computer screen. What does WYSIWYG stand for? Answer: What You See Is What You Get

Environment Which mineral is used in photography, coins, and electronics? Answer: Silver

Health & Safety The inability to digest or absorb a type of sugar found in milk is called…? Answer: Lactose intolerance

Consumer Rights Most states now issue food stamps through EBT. What does EBT stand for? Answer: Electronic Benefit Transfer

Personal Finance A person who buys and sells stock on behalf of a buyer is called a…? Answer: Broker

 Technology On your original computer keyboard there is a key marked “ALT”. This is short for what term? Answer: Alternate