Third Party Administrator (or “TPA”)

Effective January 1, 2022, penalty fee, reinstatement term, CE term and certain licensing requirements will be changed and implemented, please refer to Commissioner’s Memorandum 2021 – 9LIC for more information. 

Third Party Administrators (TPAs) FAQ)


Before submitting your application:

An individual applicant must obtain fingerprints, schedule an appointment online at Fees collected by Fieldprint include state and federal submission fees. Effective September 1, 2018, all applicants must enter the code “HI-DCCA-INS” that identifies the Insurance Division as the intended recipient of your fingerprint result, when scheduling an online appointment with Fieldprint.

Effective June 1, 2021, you must apply electronic and pay fees with a credit card at For more information, please refer to Commissioner’s Memorandum 2021- 6LIC.

To apply electronically:

  1. Go to and apply for the license.
  2. Submit TPA CHECKLIST through NIPR’s Attachments Warehouse. TPA CHECKLIST (including Surety bond form) can be obtained at  Check appropriate boxes on the form and complete the checklist to assure completion of application filing.  A completed checklist must be accompanied with all documents required on the checklist and submitted through NIPR’s Attachments Warehouse..  Incomplete TPA checklist will not be processed.



You must renew electronic at .


LICENSE REINSTATEMENTIf you held a HI resident or nonresident TPA license that has been inactive for not more than thirty days, due to nonrenewal.

You must reinstate electronic at


LICENSE REACTIVATIONIf you held a HI resident or nonresident TPA license that was inactivated within one year.

To reactive your license, you may submit online via NIPR at or submit a paper application.

A complete paper application includes (must submit by paper and mail in):

  1. TPA CHECKLIST/APPLICATION PACKET – A complete application packet and one with original signature(s) on the application
  2. Licensing Fees. Contact the Hawaii Insurance Division at 808-586-2788 to verify the applicable fees. Make check payable to the Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs.

For more information on third party administrator, refer to the Hawaii Revised Statutes: §431: 9J