Limited Lines Producer – Business Entity

To qualify for a Limited Lines Business Entity producer license, the applicant:

1. Must be at least eighteen years of age;
2. Any person who is engaged in the business of insurance or who is about to engage in the business of insurance in this State and who has been convicted of any felony shall request the commissioner’s written consent to engage in the business of insurance as required in §431:2-201.3;
3. Has paid the applicable fee;
4. Has designated a licensed producer who is a natural person responsible for the business entity’s compliance with the insurance laws and rules of this State; and
5. Any licensed producer so designated or empowered by a corporation or partnership may not be so designated or empowered by more than one corporation or partnership, except when the corporation or partnerships are affiliates of each other. As used herein, a corporation or partnership is an affiliate of another corporation or partnership, if the same person, directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls both corporations or partnerships.

A complete application for a Limited Lines Business Entity producer license includes:

1. FORM BEPL (07/2002)one original ;
2. Applicable license fees.

Click here for FEE SCHEDULE for “Resident and Nonresident Limited Lines Producer”.


IMPORTANT: All of the items listed above must be submitted together as an application packet. Incomplete applications will be returned to you.

Appointments: An appointment is not required to be submitted at time of application, but an appointment must be in place to do business. Submit a Notice of Appointment – Form APPT

For more information on Limited Lines Producer, refer to the Hawaii Revised Statutes:

§431:9A-106(b); §431:9A-107.5

Visit the Hawaii State Legislature website at and click on “Status and Documents” to search and view the Hawaii Revised Statutes.

Licensees are reminded to secure a General Excise Tax License, as required under tax laws of the State of Hawaii. Please contact the Hawaii Department of Taxation at (808) 587-4242 or call Toll Free at 1-800-222-3229, for more information.