Do I need to do anything after I have completed a continuing education course?

The provider of the course will issue a licensee a certificate of completion, upon the successful completion of the course.  A licensee must keep his or her records of continuing education credits for four years.  The provider will electronically submit the credit completion information to the Insurance Division within 15 days from the course completion.  Therefore, the producers shall complete CE requirements no later than 15 days before the renewal due date in order for the CE completion reports to be received and uploaded to the Insurance Division system in time for the producers to renew licenses.  The producers who complete required CE on or within 15 days of the renewal due date may not be able to renew licenses electronically and risk inactivation of licenses.  A penalty fee will also be added to reinstate licenses.

All CE certificates of completion must be submitted by the provider.  The Insurance Division will no longer accept CE certificate of completion directly from the Licensee.

For more information, please see Commissioner’s Memorandum 2022-3LIC