Administrator’s Message

Aloha and welcome to the Cable Television Division (CATV) website.  Since its inception in 1970, CATV has issued, renewed, and approved the transfer of cable television franchises for the State when it is in the public interest to do so, and has regulated cable operators to ensure safe, adequate, and reliable service for the people of Hawaii.  In 2010, CATV was tasked with additional duties to support and facilitate access to affordable broadband services across the State.

Information on the State’s cable television franchises and providers and public access services may be found on CATV’s home page.  We also invite you to view the information and resources on broadband deployment and access, and consumer information on internet services, available through our broadband home page at:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding activities under CATV’s purview, please contact us by phone at (808) 586-2620 or by email at: [email protected].  For broadband or internet specific questions or concerns, you may also contact us online through the “Contact” tab on the broadband home page.

Ji Sook “Lisa” Kim
Cable TV Administrator