Investment & Securities Complaints

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 in BREG, Consumer Complaints

The Securities Enforcement Branch of the Business Registration Division has as its mission, the enforcement of the securities laws of the State of Hawaii. These laws provide for a very broad definition of securities. Most people think of securities as being only stocks and bonds, but Hawaii Laws define securities as including a variety of instruments such as promissory notes, oil and gas leases, limited partnership interests, and even pyramid and ponzi schemes.

Most investment opportunities or programs fall within the jurisdictioin of the Business Registration Division. This broad coverage of the securities laws is necessary to protect investors from deceptive, fraudulent, and unlawful practices. The securities laws generally require all securities offered or sold in the State of Hawaii to be registered with the division. Additionally, all persons or entities who offer or sell securities, or who give investment advice for a fee are required to be licensed. The securities laws also require these licensees to comply with certain sales practice standards. The attorneys and investigators of the Securities Enforcement Branch, investigate complaints that are filed with them from investors and potential investors, generally initiate legal proceedings to enforce the securities laws.

To file a complaint or inquiry with the Securities Enforcement Branch, call 586-2740.