Door-to-Door Sales

Posted on Apr 2, 2013 in General Retail Information, OCP

A door-to-door sale is a sale of goods or services, solicited in person, and bought or signed for by the buyer at a place other than the seller’s business address, as shown on the sales contract. Under Hawaii’s law on door-to-door sales, a buyer is entitled to a full refund, if a cancellation notice is sent in writing within three business days. Hawaii’s law on door-to-door sales covers more than just things you buy at your front door. The law also covers sales that take place other than at the seller’s usual place of business, such as trade or product shows or promotions. The law further covers solicitations that include any free gift, prize, coupon or other redeemable items which are offered as inducements for you to go to the seller’s place of business. This means that the door-to-door sales law will be in effect, if an advertisement offers a free balloon or a free cup of coffee to people attending their sale… this applies to new car sales and furniture sales…and this means that you can cancel the transaction within three business days, if it’s in writing.

When making a purchase, the buyer must receive a completed receipt or a copy of the sales contract, and any verbal promises made must also be put in writing. The contract must be written in the same language as the sales presentation. If the salesperson gives the sales pitch in Chinese, the contract must be written in Chinese. The date of the sale, the name and address of the seller, and the description of goods or services purchased, including the make and model number should be provided on the contract. Attached to the contract or on the front page of the receipt, should be a cancellation form notifying buyers they have three business days to cancel the sale in writing.

A door-to-door sale does not include a transaction in which the buyer initiates the contract or where an inquiry is made to purchase a product or service needed for an emergency or for repairs to personal property; and it does not include mail or telephone orders where there is no personal contact with the seller.

If you have problems with a door-to-door sale and would like to file a complaint, you can contact the Consumer Resource Center at 587-4272.