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Question on 06/18/18

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in Practice Questions

Environment Originally, most of the energy we consumed originated from what natural source? Answer: Find out this and every Thursday!

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities If a business sees a fraud alert on your credit report, what must they do in response to the alert? Answer: They must verify your identity before issuing credit

Technology A system designed to prevent unauthorized access to a private computer network is known as what? Answer: A firewall

Personal Finance Some banks and credit unions rent boxes int heir vault, which consumers can store their valuables outside of their homes. What are these boxes called? Answer: Safe deposit boxes

Health & Safety To prevent illness, before eating any fresh fruit or vegetables, you should always do what? Answer: Wash it well, peel the skin

Environment If the water of a community water system is temporarily unsafe to drink, the public health advisory may be issued, urging consumers to treat water on the stove top before drinking it. What are these advisories called? Answer: Boil Water (Advisories)

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities An amendment of the Truth in Lending Act, this federal act generally applies only to open-end credit. Identify this law that gives consumer the right to address billing errors in credit card and charge accounts. Answer: FCBA Fair Credit Billing Act

Technology A pop-up ad says it has detected malware on your computer and asks you to click on the ad to purchase anti-spyware software. What should you do? Answer: Don’t do it; it’s probably a scam

Personal Finance When discussing budgets, if there is not enough money to cover all your expenses, it is said your budget is running a what? Answer: Deficit

Health & Safety The American Journal of Psychology lists several withdrawals symptoms form marijuana addiction. Name two of these symptoms. Answer: Irritability; restlessness; fatigue; depressed mood; anger; strange dreams; appetite change; nausea; stomach pain; weight loss; shakiness; sweating

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