Practice Questions

Technology A computer monitor is also known as a VDT. What does VDT stand for? Answer: Video Display Terminal

Personal Finance Money paid to a former spouse in a lump sum or for a set period of time is called…? Answer: Alimony

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities The process of proving to a court that a will is genuine is called…? Answer: Probate

Environment Which crop is used to produce ethanol? Answer: Barley, corn, wheat

Health & Safety Name one of the three most common symptoms of salmonella poisoning. Answer: Diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps

Technology A call-screening feature that allows you to find out who is calling before you answer the phone is called…? Answer: Caller ID

Personal Finance If you are free from withholding federal income tax, you are said to be…? Answer: Exempt

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Which state has the most electoral votes? Answer: California

Environment Illegal hunting is also known as…? Answer: Poaching

Health & Safety Second-degree burns have four main symptoms. Name one. Answer: Blisters, rough red skin, swelling, extreme pain

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