Practice Questions

Personal Finance After you complete your tax return, you may find you are owed money. This is your…? Answer: Refund

Health & Safety Name one function that cholesterol performs in your body. Answer: Builds and repairs cells, is used to produce hormones like estrogen and testosterone, is converted into bile acids to help digest food.

Health & Safety The site on the body where pressure can be applied to a major artery to slow the flow of blood is called…? Answer: The pressure point

Health & Safety Where is the driver’s side air bag mounted? Answer: In the steering column, steering wheel

Technology When you connect two or more computer networks together, what do you have? Answer: Internet

Personal Finance In this legal process, a mortgaged property may be sold to pay off a mortgage loan that is in default…? Answer: Foreclosure

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities The official name for a lie detector is a…? Answer: Polygraph

Environment Why can’t paper be recycled over and over forever? Answer: The fibers deteriorate, the wood pulp breaks down

Health & Safety Household fire extinguishers are labeled with a rating. Name one of the four ratings. Answer: A, B, C, ABC

Technology You’re surfing the internet and want to transfer information from another computer to your computer. This is called…? Answer: Downloading

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