Practice Questions

Health & Safety The health condition where a person is severely overweight is known as? Answer:  Obesity

Environment Energy produced by the internal heat of the earth is known as? Answer: Geothermal energy

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Per year, the average American consumer spends the most money on what? Answer: Housing

Technology Viruses and spyware are two types of malware. The word “malware” is short for what two words? Answer:  Malicious software

Personal Finance What four-letter term is used to describe the amount of money owed to another individual or business? Answer: Debt, Loan

Health & Safety There is only one chemical the American Red Cross recommends to disinfect water. What is it? Answer:  Bleach

Environment What is the best disposal option for old car batteries? Answer: Recycling Them

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities A legal restriction that limits the length of time in which a lawsuit may be filed is called the? Answer: Statute of Limitations

Technology The letters HTTP are an acronym for which protocol? Answer:  Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Health & Safety In medicine, what is a placebo (pla-SEE-bo)? Answer:  A nonactive remedy; a pill that does not actually contain medicine; a sugar pill; a false remedy

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