Practice Questions

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities The official name for a lie detector is a…? Answer: Polygraph

Environment Why can’t paper be recycled over and over forever? Answer: The fibers deteriorate, the wood pulp breaks down

Health & Safety Household fire extinguishers are labeled with a rating. Name one of the four ratings. Answer: A, B, C, ABC

Technology You’re surfing the internet and want to transfer information from another computer to your computer. This is called…? Answer: Downloading

Personal Finance Give an example of open-ended credit. Answer: Credit cards, revolving charge accounts, overdraft checking

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities This Latin phrase means “Let the buyer beware.” What is the phrase? Answer: Caveat emptor

Environment When speaking of pollution, the AQI stands for…? Answer: Air Quality Index

Health & Safety What type of fire extinguisher can be used on paper, grease, and electrical fires? Answer: ABC

Technology A computer monitor is also known as a VDT. What does VDT stand for? Answer: Video Display Terminal

Personal Finance Money paid to a former spouse in a lump sum or for a set period of time is called…? Answer: Alimony

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