Practice Questions

Health & Safety This part of an animal causes allergies in humans Answer:  Dander

Environment Maize is another name for what food staple? Answer:   Corn

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities This document outlines the course you have taken and the credits and grades you have received Answer:  Transcript

Technology Outsiders who try to get into computers through the Internet are called Answer: Hackers

Personal Finance This is the amount of credit a creditor has authorized you to use Answer: Credit Limit

Health & Safety An abnormal response by the immune system is called? Answer: Allergy

Environment By definition, what does a carnivore eat? Answer:  Meat, Animals

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Each state sends two senators to the U.S. Senate. How long is the term of a senator? Answer: Six Years

Technology Text that contains a link to another page or site on the Web is? Answer: Hypertext

Personal Finance By law, debt collectors may not call you after what time in the evening? Answer: 9:00PM

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