Practice Questions

Technology A small piece of software that adds features to a larger piece of software is called a…? Answer: Plug-in

Personal Finance The written statement that gives the terms and conditions of a credit card account is called…? Answer: Cardholder Agreement

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities How many justices serve on the U.S. Supreme Court? Answer: Nine

Environment Which chemical is often added to drinking water to reduce bacteria? Answer: Chlorine

Health & Safety It is important to recognize a pentagon-shaped traffic sign as what type of warning sign? Answer: School advance warning sign

Technology What is the unit of measure used to note the light output of a light bulb? Answer: Lumen

Personal Finance The division of stock into a larger number of lower priced shares is called a…? Answer: Stock split

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities The total value of goods and services produced in the economy is called the…? Answer: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or Gross National Product (GNP)

Environment Five U.S. states have very large deposits of natural gas, holding more than half of the country’s reserves. Name one. Answer: Alaska, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Health & Safety Name a common source of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. Answer: Room heater, furnace, charcoal grill, range, water, heater, auto in closed garage, fireplace.

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