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Question on 08/20/18

Posted on Aug 20, 2018 in Practice Questions

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities If your identity has been stolen, name one of the several steps you should take immediately. Answer: Find the answer this and every Thursday!

Technology Software downloaded to fix or update a computer program is best know by what term? Answer: A patch

Personal Finance Public services such as parks and police officers are generally funded by what? Answer: Taxes

Health and Safety What is the first thing you should do if you are stung by a bee? Answer: Remove the stinger

Environment At what temperature does liquid water change into water vapor? Answer: 212 degrees Fahrenheit; 100 degrees Celsius

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities You generally have how many days after receiving a bill to dispute it? Answer: 60 days

Technology What is the danger of going online without a firewall? Answer: Exposing your computer to a virus or spyware

Health & Safety While you are driving down a road, the car tends to drift to one side. To keep the car straight, you must keep the steering wheel firmly in position. What is a possible cause of this problem? Answer: All of the cars tires do not have the same air pressure; the wheels are ...
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Environment Originally, most of the energy we consumed originated from what natural source? Answer: The Sun

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities If a business sees a fraud alert on your credit report, what must they do in response to the alert? Answer: They must verify your identity before issuing credit

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