Practice Questions

Technology Television programs designed for those over 18 years old have what rating? Answer:  TV-MA

Personal Finance When you exchange goods or services without using money, you are engaged in: Answer: Bartering

Environment Most soda cans are made out of what metallic element? Answer:   Aluminum

Health & Safety In the medical profession, what does the letters R N stand for? Answer:  Registered nurse

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities The price of a car before taxes, fees, and elective charges are applied is called what? Answer:  The base price

Technology A hard drive that is inside its own casing and separate from a computer is called? Answer: An external hard drive

Personal Finance The total salary you receive before any deductions are taken is known as your? Answer: Gross, Gross Pay, Gross Salary

Health & Safety You notice a puddle of blue-green colored liquid under the front of your car. This indicates a possible leak of what fluid? Answer:  Coolant, Antifreeze

Environment In 1972 the US passed the Marine Mammal Protection Act which sought to protect what sea mammal from harm due to tuna fishing? Answer:   Dolphins

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Name two of the three inalienable rights given to all human beings listed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence? Answer:  Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness

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