Practice Questions

Health & Safety Often used to describe a person’s dependence on drugs, what term describes a compulsive need to use a substance? Answer: Addiction

Environment Every year, the EPA issues consumer confidence reports that summarize the safety and quality of what type of water? Answer: Community Water System; Tap Water

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities A person who makes false documents or signs someone else’s name to documents is engaged in what illegal activity? Answer:  Forgery

Technology To enhance your privacy, why should you turn off WiFi and/or Bluetooth on your smartphone if you’re not using them? Answer: They make it easier for hackers to break through your smartphones security

Personal Finance You are a 15 year old who works during the school year. What is the maximum number of hours you can work each week? Answer:  18 Hours

Health & Safety The protein we eat is broken down in our bodies and turned into what kind of acids? Answer: Amino Acids

Environment Name one weather condition that often means high pollen counts & more suffering for those with pollen allergies. Answer: Hot, dry, windy

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities As opposed to wants, what economic term describes something that is basic or necessary for your survival? Answer:  Needs

Technology Name one reason why you should not attempt to break the manufacturer’s security on your own smartphone. Answer: It invalidates the warranty; it makes your smartphone more vulnerable to hacking

Personal Finance Individuals who make a mistake on a tax return and wish to correct the error can file what type of corrective return? Answer: Amended tax return; Amendment; Form 1040X

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