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Question on 7/21/14

Posted on Jul 21, 2014 in Practice Questions

Technology The main circuit board of a computer is called the…? Answer: Find out this and every Thursday!

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities What is the legal age to buy alcoholic beverages in most states in the USA? Answer: 21 years old

Health & Safety When speaking of a person’s health, what does BMI stand for? Answer: Body Mass Index

Personal Finance Labor laws allow workers age 14-15 to work what maximum number of hours on a school day? Answer: 3 hours

Environment When living organisms are threatened by extinction, they are called…? Answer: Endangered species

 Technology Many people buy CD-ROMs that contain data or music. What do the letters C-D-R-O-M stand for? Answer: Compact Disc Read Only Memory

Health & Safety Name one common symptom a person may experience when he strains a muscle. Answer: Pain, soreness, muscle spasm, muscle weakness, localized swelling, cramping, inflammation, some loss of muscle function.

Consumer Rights The Bill of Rights is composed of what? Answer: The first 10 Amendments of the U.S. Constitution

Personal Finance EFT, also referred to as electronic banking, stands for…? Answer: Electronic funds transfer

Environment Name one common type of biomass fuel? Answer: Wood, forest residue, animal manure or waste, grains, crops and aquatic plants

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