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Question on 5/30/16

Posted on May 30, 2016 in Practice Questions

Technology Text that contains a link to another page or site on the Web is? Answer: Find out this and every Thursday!

Personal Finance By law, debt collectors may not call you after what time in the evening? Answer: 9:00PM

Health & Safety Fires in single-family homes most often start in what room? Answer: Kitchen

Environment This greenhouse gas enters the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned. Answer: Co2, carbon dioxide

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities If a jury acquits the defendant, has that person been found guilty or not guilty? Answer: Not guilty

Personal Finance The current market value of a house, minus the outstanding mortgage balance owed on that house, is better known as…? Answer: Equity

Health & Safety Foodborne illness is another term for what? Answer: Food poisoning

Technology When your word processor is set in overstrike mode, what happens when you enter new characters? Answer: Characters typed replace existing characters

Environment What North American lake system makes up the largest surface freshwater system to earth? Answer: The Great Lakes

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities When a trial results in a “hung jury,” what does that mean? Answer: The jury could not reach a verdict; the jury could make a decision on the trial

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