Practice Questions

Health & Safety Nicotine is an addictive chemical commonly found in what type of product? Answer: Tobacco

Environment Name two of the four ways you can be exposed to pesticides. Answer: food, water, air, direct contact

Environment What is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among adults? Answer: smoking, cigarettes

Environment The solid rock beneath the soil and loose rocks and other sediments is called…? Answer: Bedrock

Environment A device the cools air by removing moisture from it is called…? Answer: Dehumidifier

Technology A file maliciously planted in your computer that can damage files and disrupt your system is a…? Answer: Virus

Technology Software distributed on a “try it before you buy it” bases is called…? Answer: Shareware

Technology What abbreviation will be the domain name in a URL sponsored by a U.S. government agency? Answer: .gov

Technology What does dual mode on a wireless phone allow you to do? Answer: Use either analog or digital networks (signals)

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities What is the name of of the central body of the United Nations, to which all member states belong? Answer: General Assembly

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