Practice Questions

Health & Safety Second-degree burns have four main symptoms. Name one. Answer: Blisters, rough red skin, swelling, extreme pain

Technology Computer scanners are measured in PPI. What does PPI stand for? Answer: Pixels per inch

Personal Finance A borrower’s net worth is also called…? Answer: Capital, Assets

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities If you believe your long-distance carrier has taken advantage of you, you can file a complaint with which federal agency? Answer: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Environment Name one of two minerals that goes into making glass. Answer: Silica sand, limestone

Health & Safety Four out of five bicycle-related deaths are caused by injuries to what part of the body? Answer: Head

Technology The smallest piece of information that is recognized by a computer is called a…? Answer: Bit

Personal Finance Every car that is manufactured is marked with a number specific to it. What is that number called? Answer: VIN, vehicle identification number

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Which federal agency oversees railroads? Answer: Department of Transportation

Environment Name one “greenhouse gas” that builds up in the atmosphere and may induce climate change. Answer: Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, nitrogen dioxide.

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