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Question on 9/22/14

Posted on Sep 22, 2014 in Practice Questions

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Who selects the Chairman of the FDIC? Answer: Find out this and every Thursday!

Health & Safety To avoid harmful bacteria in fresh fruit juice, always be sure it has been…? Answer: Pasteurized

Personal Finance The largest floor-based stock market in the U.S. is the…? Answer: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Technology When speaking of computers, what does LAN stand for? Answer: Local Area Network

  Environment In the U.S., during which season of the year are UV rays from the sun most intense? Answer: Summer

Health & Safety The most important safety item to wear when riding a bike is a…? Answer: Helmet

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Which federal government agency’s mission is to protect the U.S. against terrorist attacks? Answer: Department of Homeland Security

Personal Finance What would it cost to collect all 50 special state quarters from circulation? Answer: $12.50

  Environment The sun’s rays are strongest at what area of the earth? Answer: Equator

Technology The main circuit board of a computer is called the…? Answer: Motherboard

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