Practice Questions

Personal Finance Individuals who make a mistake on a tax return and wish to correct the error can file what type of corrective return? Answer: Amended tax return; Amendment; Form 1040X

Health & Safety Also known as a life jacket, a PFD is manufactured to help keep your head above water. What do the letters PFD stand for? Answer: Personal flotation device

Environment The places where rivers meet the sea are important to the health of coastal environments. What are these places called? Answer: Estuaries

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Why do all pyramid schemes eventually fail? Answer:  They get too large; recruiters stop bringing in enough new people; promoters cant raise enough money.

Technology American TV shows use the TV Parental Guidelines as a guide to the programs content. What sets these ratings? Answer:  The television network

Personal Finance What type of bank account is held by two or more people who equally share rights & liabilities from the account? Answer: A joint account

Health & Safety About 17 million Americans have this health condition cause by overactive oil glands on the skin. Identify this condition. Answer: Acne

Environment On average, heating water is the third largest energy expense in a household. Name 2 ways you can cut your water heating cost. Answer: Use less hot water; use low-flow aerating shower heads/faucets; insulate your water heater; buy a new, more efficient water heater; turn down the thermostat on your water heater.

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities You are shopping for organic tomatoes to make your homemade salsa. Name one of the two places you can find the Organic seal. Answer: Sticker on the tomato; on the sign above the produce display

Technology These are triggered by clicking your mouse or pressing a key. They carry info/ads & most users find them annoying. What are they? Answer: Pop-up Ads, Pop-ups

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