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Question on 04/23/18

Posted on Apr 23, 2018 in Practice Questions

Personal Finance When discussing budgets, if there is not enough money to cover all your expenses, it is said your budget is running a what? Answer: Find out this and every Thursday!

Health & Safety The American Journal of Psychology lists several withdrawals symptoms form marijuana addiction. Name two of these symptoms. Answer: Irritability; restlessness; fatigue; depressed mood; anger; strange dreams; appetite change; nausea; stomach pain; weight loss; shakiness; sweating

Environment What government agency goes by the abbreviation EPA? Answer: Environmental Protection Agency

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities This occurs when someone obtains and uses a person’s identifying information, such as name, address, date of birth, Social Security number or mother’s maiden name to commit fraud. What is it? Answer: Identity Theft

Technology This type of document stores data in grids of rows and columns, and allows the data to be analyzed using formulas and calculations. This describes what type of document? Answer: Spreadsheet; spreadsheet document

Personal Finance Used by the IRS to determine your eligibility for certain tax benefits, what term describes your income from all taxable sources minus certain adjustments? Answer:  AGI; Adjusted Gross Income

Health & Safety According to a recent CDC report, 78% of American teens do not eat enough fruits and vegetables and 82% don’t get enough physical activity. Name one effect this will have on their health. Answer: Weight issues; increased rick of heart disease; increased rick of some types of cancer.

Environment When a grassland ecosystem is changed into a desert due to higher temperatures and/or a lack of rain, this is an example of what process? Answer: Desertification

Consumer Rights & Responsibilities The government has programs that help people with incomes below a certain level. One of these programs, known now by the acronym SNAP, issues coupons which can be exchanged for groceries at authorized stores. What are these benefits called? Answer: Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program; “food stamps”

Technology Your younger sister’s phone has Web access, but your parents are concerned about letting her use the Internet without supervision. What is one step they could take to limit her phone’s access to the Internet? Answer:  Turn off Web access; use filters; do not add a data plan to the phone service

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