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How to File a Complaint Against a Health Insurer or Health Plan
Learn how to file a complaint against a health insurer or health plan.
Health Insurance Terms
Consumer Alert
We have received inquiries about plans that look and sound like insurance, but are NOT insurance. Information about these plans are being obtained through unsolicited faxes, ads in newspapers, flyers, farmers markets, etc.
Employer Group Health Plans in Hawaii
The following are companies that are licensed to sell employer group health insurance in Hawaii and have health plans approved by the Prepaid Healthcare Council. Please contact them directly for more information on plans that are available to you.
Search Public Filings
NOTE: Due to a problem with the NAIC’s SERFF system, filings can be pulled up directly by SERFF Tracking #, Company Tracking # (if present on the filing), and searched by Company name. The State Tracking # field is not currently functional — it will generate an error.  NAIC is aware of the problem and it should be fixed in the next software release.
What Consumers Should Know About Health Insurance
(PDF) Health Insurance Complaint/Inquiry Form
(PDF) NAIC’s Consumer Alert on Health Discount Cards