Fixed Wireline Broadband Speeds in Hawaii – Q2 2019

DCCA obtained consumer-initiated fixed wireline speed data for Hawaii from Ookla®, the proprietor of Speedtest® and a widely-recognized source for fixed broadband and mobile testing applications, data, and analysis.  Ookla was able to provide significant quantities of Speedtest data for Hawaii from tests that used servers physically located in Hawaii.

The following map is based on analysis by Ookla of Speedtest Intelligence® data from April 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019.  The map reflects the average download speed of Speedtest results, including for tests performed via WiFi connection, on a per city basis for that time period.  Please see the Report on Fixed Wireline Broadband Speeds in Hawaii for more information — available at:

Instructions: Zoom in to display census tract boundaries and city marker names.  Click on a city marker for speed and population/household information.  (Note: Clicking on a census tract will only display population/household information.)

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