Forms / Trade Name, Trademark, Service Mark Registrations

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  • Before You Apply for a Trade Name, Trademark, or Service Mark ( TN-Info )
  • Trademark Classifications and Types of Goods ( Trademark Classifications )
  • Service Mark Classifications and Types of Services ( Service Mark Classifications )
  • Application for Registration of Trade Name ( Form T-1 )
  • Application for Registration of Trademark ( Form T-2 )
  • Application for Registration of Service Mark ( Form T-3 )
  • Assignment of Print, Label, Trademark, Trade Name, or Service Mark ( Form T-4 )
  • Trademark/Service Mark Registrant Name Change ( Form T-5 )
  • Instructions on Filing a Petition for Revocation of Trade Name, Trademark or Service Mark ( Instructions )
  • The registration of a trade name, trademark, or service mark may be cancelled by filing a request for cancellation letter, signed by the registrant. The cancellation letter can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or delivered to the Business Registration Division.