Filing Tips

Being able to process your documents quickly and error-free is very important to us. To help us accomplish this, we offer the following suggestions:

File Online, if Possible

Filing online through our Hawaii Business Express portal is the most efficient way to file your business registration documents with the Business Registration Division. Through the portal, you can access forms that are relevant to your business(es), complete and submit your forms with payment, check on the status of your filing, and more. Click here for additional information on the portal.

Make Sure You Have the Most Current Form

Our downloadable forms are periodically changed or updated to accommodate new requirements and amendments to State statutes and rules.

Don’t Modify Forms

You should not modify our forms to fit conditions specific to your filing. They contain reference bar codes in the upper right corner to ensure prompt and accurate computerized processing. Please be aware that photocopies of these forms will degrade these important bar codes and slow down the processing of your filing. Failure to use these forms properly will result in manual processing and potentially slower turn-around time for your documents.

Make Sure Documents are Complete and Accurate

Most errors and delays in document processing are the result of incomplete or incorrectly filled in forms. Before filing a document with us, be sure to proofread the document carefully, check that the document is completely filled in and signed by proper persons, and check that all signatures are dated.

Type or print the name and title of the person signing.

Statutory requirements for reporting address information are specific and closely observed. Please check that the correct and complete address is entered when a mailing address, or street address, is requested. If no street address is available in an area, enter, “No Street Address Available” in the space provided.

Provide Clear Instructions When Filing Multiple Documents

There are occasions when businesses need to file more than one registration document at the same time. In these instances, let us know beforehand if you have special requirements such as a specific document filing sequence. Incorrect document filing sequence can result in processing delays or errors.

Make Sure You Submit the Correct Filing Fee

Registration documents can only be processed when submitted with the correct filing fee.  Please be sure a correct fee total is provided for desired filings.  The fee total should include the filing fee for the form and any requested special services such as expedited handling and certified copies.  We accept cash, certified/cashier’s check, bank/postal money order or credit card payments. See our Registration Forms, Fees and Information page for more details.

Submit a Separate Check for Each Filing

When submitting multiple filings and paying by check, please provide a separate payment check with each individual filing. This will ensure that if there is a problem with one of the documents, the rest can still be processed.

Make checks payable to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Provide a Contact Name, Telephone Number and Email Address

When submitting documents, it is helpful to provide the name, daytime telephone number and email address of an authorized contact person. Often times, our staff will try to notify filers by telephone when there are problems that need correcting. This can speed up the filing process and facilitate corrections involving minor errors. With an email address, we can email the approved copy to the filer.