Past Coaches


The Hawaii LifeSmarts program have worked with some outstanding coaches over the years. It is with the commitment of these educators that have made an impact with Hawaii’s Youth.



“Lifesmarts is the kind of program that teaches students consumer knowledge that they don’t get in the classroom. In a way it is common sense for life, but most of these students have never had a job, owned a house or apartment, had an insurance policy or a credit card. Understanding the nature of our consumer world helps these young adults how to live, grow, and thrive in our society as adults.” – James Rubasch, Iolani Coach, 2019 Hawaii Team



Check out some of these past quotes from Hawaii LifeSmarts coaches

have shared over the years


2018-2019 Coaches survey:

“Great life skills program with appropriate consumer curriculum.”

“LifeSmarts gives students the opportunity to learn important life lessons

before they head out into the world.”

“Fun and challenging”


2017-2018 Coaches survey:

“Fun for the students at the competition. Hopefully they will realize their gained

knowledge importance when they #adult.”

[LifeSmarts helps] “students feel so much more prepared for life after high school!”

[There are] “plenty of resources that are on the site.”


2016-2017 Coaches survey:

“My students enjoyed themselves and they learned a lot of knowledge that will

help them become responsible citizens.”

“Very valuable knowledge for students to learn”