Practice Questions

 Technology Many people buy CD-ROMs that contain data or music. What do the letters C-D-R-O-M stand for? Answer: Compact Disc Read Only Memory

Health & Safety Name one common symptom a person may experience when he strains a muscle. Answer: Pain, soreness, muscle spasm, muscle weakness, localized swelling, cramping, inflammation, some loss of muscle function.

Consumer Rights The Bill of Rights is composed of what? Answer: The first 10 Amendments of the U.S. Constitution

Personal Finance EFT, also referred to as electronic banking, stands for…? Answer: Electronic funds transfer

Environment Name one common type of biomass fuel? Answer: Wood, forest residue, animal manure or waste, grains, crops and aquatic plants

Health & Safety Which type of fat raises your blood cholesterol level more than anything else? Answer: Saturated Fat

 Technology Printers are rated in terms of their PPM. What does PPM stand for? Answer: Page per minute

Personal Finance The payment you make to an insurance company to pay for coverage is known as the…? Answer: Premium

Consumer Rights A monetary penalty imposed upon someone convicted of an illegal act is a…? Answer: Fine

Health & Safety What is a placebo? Answer: A nonactive remedy,  a pill that does not actually contain medicine, a sugar pill, a false remedy.