Online Services

Online services allows you to search the business registry for information by name. You can also do many of the registrations online, paying with a credit card or through subscription. Also offered are certificates of good standing and bulk downloads of registry information.

Sign up for MyBusiness AlertsVideoPlayNew
Sign up to receive a text or an email alerting you to any change in the record to your registered Hawaii business or to receive reminders to file your annual business report.
Business Name Search
Look up information about businesses registered by DCCA
Register a New Business or Name Online
Sign up for a free account with Hawaii Business Express (HBE) to register a new business, tradename, trademark or service mark online by (1) using a step by step wizard to guide you through the process or (2) filling in the form on the computer using the QuickFile.
Trademark Registrations Online
Sign up for a free account with Hawaii Business Express to register a new trade name, trademark or service mark.
Purchase a Business Registration Document Online
View/Purchase a Certificate of Good Standing Online
The purpose of this search is simply to determine whether a company/entity exists and if it is in good standing and also to provide basic information on the company/entity. Contact the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs – Business Registration Division at (808) 586-2727 for assistance with business registration. If you are registering a business entity name, NEVER assume the name is available until you have received a written response from the Business Registration Division.
Business Annual Report Filing
Business Entity List Builder Online
The business entity list builder allows you to build a customized list of businesses registered in the State of Hawaii. Information provided includes all addresses, officers, trade names, trade marks, and service marks associated with the businesses on your list. Using select search criteria, such as zip code, you can create a very specific list of businesses. For example, with this website you can create a list of all partnerships who reside in the 96817 zip code. The cost of your list depends on the number of business records in your list. Your subscriber account (Subscription Information) will be billed 5 cents per business record if you decide to purchase the list. So if you had 1000 business records in your list, you would be charged 1000 x $.05 = $50.00.
Registrations for Frequent Filers Online
Software for Viewing TIFF Images
Although most browsers support display of jpg and gif images, an external viewer or plug-in is required for viewing TIFF images. Imaging for Windows® offers users basic desktop image viewing including TIFF files.
United States Patent And Trademark Office
Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual
Publicity Rights Name Registration
Sustainable Business Corporations