Procurement Decisions

PCH-94-001 – Wheelabrator Clean Water Systems
PCH-95-001 – Makakilo Retrofit Project
PCH-95-002 – Motorola Communications
PCH-95-004 – Environmental Recycling
PCH-96-001 – Niu Construction
PCH-96-002 – Elite Transportation
PCH-96-003 – PRC Public Sector
PCH-96-004 – Carl Corporation
PCH-96-006 – Big Island Recycle
PCH-96-008 – Walter Arakaki
PCH-96-009 – Brewer Environmental
PCH-96-011 – Browning Ferris Industries
PCH-97-007 – Standard Electric
PCH-98-001 – Environmental Recycling
PCH-98-002 – Fletcher Pacific
PCH-98-003 – Southern Foods
PCH-98-006 – GTE Hawaiian Telephone
PCH-98-009 – The Systemcenter
PCH-99-002 – Hawaii Newspaper Agency
PCH-99-003 – Melici Valenti Ng Pak
PCH-99-004 – Solderholm Sales
PCH-99-005 – Island Recycling
PCH-99-006 – Hawaiian Dredging
PCH-99-007 – Standard Electric
PCH-99-008 – Biogenesis International
PCH-99-010 – Hi-Tech Roofing
PCH-99-011 – Okada Trucking
PCH-99-012 – Big Island Recycling
PCH-99-013 – Nehi Lewa Inc.
PCH-99-014 – Hawaiian Natural Water
PCH-2000-004 – Browning-Ferris
PCH-2000-008 – Clincal Laboratories
PCH-2000-010 – RCI Environmental
PCH-2000-011 – Construction Material Agents
PCH-2001-002 – Jas Glover
PCH-2001-005 – GMP Associates
PCH-2001-006 – Matts Transmission
PCH-2001-007 – Redflex Traffic
PCH-2001-009 – KD Construction
PCH-2002-001 – Hi-Tec Roofing
PCH-2002-003 – EMA Office Machines
PCH-2002-004 – Businessworks of Hawaii
PCH-2002-007 – Frank Collulcio Construction
PCH-2002-009 – Waikiki Windriders
PCH-2002-010 – United Courier.pdf
PCH-2002-011 – Stoneridge Recoveries
PCH-2002-012 – Frank Coluccio Construction
PCH-2002-019 – Harry Marx Chevrolet
PCH-2003-003 – Hawaii School Bus Assn
PCH-2003-005 – Stoneridge Recoveries
PCH-2003-008 – MGD Technologies
PCH-2003-009 – Harry Marx Chevrolet
PCH-2003-011 – Robison Construction
PCH-2003-012 – Site Engineering
PCH-2003-015 – Oceanic Companies v DOT
PCH-2003-018 – Starcom Builders
PCH-2003-020 – Eckard Brandes Inc
PCH-2003-020 – Eckard Brandes
PCH-2003-020 – Eckard Brandes – Remand
PCH-2003-021 – Phillip G. Kuchler Inc.
PCH-2003-024 – F H Construction
PCH-2003-025 – Roberts Hawaii
PCH-2003-028 – Digimarc Systems
PCH-2003-029 – Apex Software
PCH-2004-003 – Roberts Hawaii
PCH-2004-004 – Diversified Plumbing
PCH-2004-007 – Greenleaf Distribution
PCH-2004-008 – Flynn Learner
PCH-2004-009 – Big Island Scrap Metal
PCH-2004-010 – Akal Security
PCH-2004-011 – GMP Associates
PCH-2004-012 – Superior Protection
PCH-2004-013 – Aloha Tool
PCH-2004-014 – Elections Systems and Sofware
PCH-2004-015 – Maui Auto Wrecking
PCH-2004-016 – Oceanic Companies
PCH-2004-017 – Robert’s Hawaii
PCH-2005-002 – Pacific Recycling and Salvage Inc
PCH-2005-003 – Hinton
PCH-2005-004 – Cultural Surveys Hawaii
PCH-2005-005 – Dick Pacific Construction
PCH-2005-006 – CC Engineering
PCH-2005-007 – Stoneridge Recoveries
PCH-2005-012 – American Marine
PCH-2006-003 – Stoneridge Recoveries LLC
PCH-2006-004 – Global Medical
PCH-2007-002 – Nan Inc
PCH-2007-003 – Parsons
PCH-2007-005 – Teds Wirirng Service
PCH-2007-007 – CR Dispatch
PCH-2007-008 – Maui Master Builders Inc.
PCH-2008-001 – Hi-Tech Rockfall
PCH-2008-003 – Election Systems and Software
PCH-2008-005 – Prometheus Construction
PCH-2008-006 – Elections Systems
PCH-2008-007 – Alohacare
PCH-2008-008 – Sea Engineering Inc.
PCH-2008-009 – Nan Inc.
PCH-2008-012 – Chings Nursery
PCH-2008-013 – Thyssenkrupp Airport Systems
PCH-2008-018 – Cushnie Construction
PCH-2008-020 – Kiewit Pacific
PCH-2008-021 – P B Sullivan Construction
PCH-2008-022 – Delta Construction
PCH-2008-023 – Diversified Plumbing and Air
PCH-2009-001 – Hawaiian Dredging
PCH-2009-004 – Diversified Plumbing
PCH-2009-005 – Akamai Roofing
PCH-2009-007 – Delta Construction
PCH-2009-008 – Kauai Builders
PCH-2009-009 – Hawaiian Dredging
PCH-2009-010 – James Huang v. UH
PCH-2009-011 – Diversified Plumbing
PCH-2009-014 – Ted’s Wiring Service
PCH-2009-016 – Paradigm Construction
PCH-2009-018 – Okada Trucking Co Ltd
PCH-2009-18 Okada Trucking Co., Ltd Decision on Remand
PCH-2011-001 – Realty Laua LLC
PCH-2011-003 – Roberts Tours and Transportation
PCH-2011-004 – Okada Trucking Co Ltd
PCH-2011-007 – Hawaii Specialty Vehicles, LLC
PCH-2011-008 – InformedRX Inc
PCH-2011-010 – Soderholm Sales and Leasing Inc.
PCH-2011-011 – Maui Kupono Builders LLC
PCH-2011-012 – Ohana Flooring
PCH-2011-015 – GP Roadway Solutions, Inc.
PCX-2009-002 – Certified Construction
PCX-2009-003 – Access Service
PCX-2009-004 – Friends of He`eia State Park
PCX-2009-005 – Ahbe &Svoboda
PCX-2009-006 – Ludwig Construction
PCX-2010-001 – Marsh USA
PCX-2010-003 – Maui County Community Television
PCX-2010-005 – Global Specialty Contractors
PCX-2010-006 – Maui Community Television, dba Akaku
PCX-2010-007 – MAT Hawaii, Inc.
PCX-2010-008 – Roberts Tours and Transportation
PCX-2011-002 – Kiewit Infrastructure West / Goodfellow Bros.
PCX-2011-004 – Bombardier Transportation Errata
PCX-2011-004 – Bombardier Transportation
PCX-2011-005 – Sumitomo Corporation
PCY-2012-002 – Alii Security Systems, Inc.
PCY-2012-003 – Soderholm Sales and Leasing, Inc.
PCY-2012-004 – InformedRX, Inc.
PCY-2012-005 Refrigerant and Recycling, Inc.
PCY-2012-006 – Roberts Hawaii School Bus, Inc.
PCY-2012-007 – Ameresco Pacific Energy JV
PCY-2012-009 – Interior Showplace, Ltd.
PCY-2012-012 – Wasatch Transportation, Inc.
PCY-2012-013 – Road Builders Corporation
PCY-2012-017 Soderholm Sales and Leasing Inc. (Kauai)
PCY-2012-018 Pauls Electrical Contracting LLC (Ala Wai Community Park)
PCY-2012-020 Maui Radiology Associates LLP
PCY-2012-021 Kuni’s Enterprises Inc.
PDH-2012-001 Derrick’s Well Drilling and Pump Services, LLC
PDH-2012-005 Soderholm Sales and Leasing Inc
PDH-2012-006 Air Rescue Systems Corp
PDH-2013-002 Robert’s Hawaii, Inc
PDH-2013-005 Amel Technologies, Inc
PDH-2013-004 A’s Mechanical & Builders, Inc
PDH-2013-009 Roberts Hawaii School Bus v Kathryn Matayoshi et al
PDH-2013-010 JBH LTD v WILLIAM AILA JR chairman and officer of Dev of Forestry and Wildlife, DLNR
PDH-2013-012 Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii v Dept of Transportation
PDH-2013-012 Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii Inc v Dept of Transportation on Remand
PDH-2014-002 Greenpath Technologies Inc v Dept of Finance
PDH-2014-003 Big Island Scrap Metal LLC v Dept of Environmental Management
PDH-2014-005 Safety Systems and Signs Hawaii Inc v Dept of Transportation
PDH-2014-006 Certified Construction Inc v Dept of Finance, County of Hawaii
PDH-2014-006 Certified Construction, Inc v. Dept of Finance, County of Hawaii, on Remand
PDH-2014-007 AMEL Technologies Inc v. Dept of Transportation, State of HI and KYA Design Group
PDH-2014-009 Hawaii Supply LLC V. Dept of Education State of Hawaii Decision & Ord Grntng Doe Mtn To Dismiss Req Admin Hrg
PDH-2014-010 Honolulu Disposal Service v. Office of Real Property and Procurement, University of Hawaii
PDH-2014-014 Maui Master Builders v. Dept. of Public Works, County of Maui
PDH-2014-016 GMP Internatonal, LLC v Dept. of Budget & Fiscal Services, City and County of Honolulu
PDH-2014-017 Nan Inc. v Dept. of Public Works, County of Hawaii
PDH-2015-004 Nani, Inc. v. Hawaii Authority for Rapid Transportation
PDH-2015-005 Nan, Inc. v. Dept. of Budget and Fiscal Services, City and County of Honolulu
PDH-2015-006 Nan, Inc v Dept of Transportation
PDH-2015-009 Online Computer Products, Inc v Office of Enterprise Technology Services
PDH-2015-011 HI-Built, LLC v Dept. of Environmental Management
PDH-2015-012 HMP Inc. v Dept. of Environmental Management
PDH-2016-001 Maui Kupono Builders LLC v Dept. of Budget and Fiscal Services
PDH-2016-002 Soderholm Sales and Leasing v Dept. of Finance County of Kauai
PDH-2016-003 Rolloffs Hawaii LLC v Dept of Education
PDH-2016-004 Hensel Phelps Construction v Dept of Transportation and Nan Inc.
PDH-2016-003 Rolloffs Hawaii LLC v Dept of Education
PDH-2016-005 Maui Kupono Builders LLC v Dept of Education
PDH-2017-001 et al Roberts Hawaii School Bus v DOE
PDH-2017-003 Aloha Waste Systems Inc V Dept Of Education
PDH-2017-004 Nan Inc v Dept Of Transportation
PDH-2017-005 Hawaiian Oceans Waikiki Inc v Dept. of Budget & Fiscal Services, City and County of Honolulu
PDH-2017-006 Whale Environmental Services LLC v Dept. of Land & Natural Resources
PDH-2018-001 Access Media Services v Hawaii State Legislature
PDH-2018-002 Certified Construction Inc. v Dept of Transportation and Dept of Accounting and General Services
PDH-2018-003 HI Built LLC v Dept of Finance Department of Public Works County of Maui
PDH-2018-004 FV Coluccio Construction Company Inc v City and County of Honolulu Dept of Environmental Services and Dept of Budget and Fiscal Services
PDH-2018-005 FV Coluccio Construction Company Inc v City and County of Honolulu Dept of Environmental Services and Dept of Budget and Fiscal Services
PDH-2018-007 Pinky Tows Hawaii Inc et al v Department of Budget and Fiscal Services City and County of Honolulu
PDH-2018-009 57 Engineering Inc v Department of Education State of Hawaii
PDH-2019-001 Access Media Services, Inc. vs Hawaii State Legislature
PDH-2019-004 MEI Corporation v Dept Of Budget and Fiscal Services, City & County Of Honolulu and C C Engineering & Construction
PDH-2019-006 Maui Kupono Builders LLC v Dept of Transportation State of Hawaii
PDH-2019-008 Hooklifts Hawaii LLC v County of Kauai
PDH-2020-008 International Roofing & Building Construction Inc v DAGS
PDH-2020-001 Enviroservices and Training Center LLC v Department of Environmental Management
PDH-2021-002 Hensel Phelps v Dept of Transportation
PDH-2021-004 West Maui Construction LLC Department Of Finance, County Of Maui
PDH-2020-005 K & S Helicopters Inc dba Paradise Helicopters V Dept of Finance State Of Hawaii
PDH-2020-009 Certified Construction Inc V Dept of Accounting and General Services
PDH-2021-003 Maui Kupono Builders V Dept Of Transportation
PDH-2021-001 SITA Information Networking Computing USA Inc V DOT
PDH-2021-005 Securitas V Dept of Transportation