Medical Inquiry and Conciliation Panel (MICP)

The Medical Inquiry and Conciliation Panel (“MICP”) program is responsible for conducting informal conciliation hearings on inquires regarding health care providers before a lawsuit may be filed based on such inquiries. The advice of the MICP panels is advisory in nature and is not binding on the parties in the event that any party still wishes to pursue the matter via the courts.

MICP proceedings are intended to be conducted in a non-adversarial manner and structured to facilitate the conveying of information rather than assigning blame.

The discussions of the MICP panels are able to discuss liability, causation, or damages with the parties. The discussion of those issues will be made in the context of conciliation or mediation as a reflection of the panels’ advisory nature. This conciliatory approach is intended to better assist parties in fully understanding and evaluating those issues as they pertain to the inquiry and encourage parties to reach a voluntary settlement.

The MICP program also provides an opportunity for the parties to exchange information in a relatively expedited and inexpensive manner, which in turn provides for opportunities for the parties to explore the conciliation of their differences before they are brought before the courts.

Lastly, the requirements of exchanging information between the parties and making conscientious and thorough presentations to the panels discourages the pursuit of frivolous or fraudulent inquiries, prior to further legal proceedings being taken by the parties.

MICP Informational Materials and Forms