Since August 2012, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) has maintained, pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes §667-27(d), a website to provide for online publication of owner-occupant nonjudicial foreclosure notices of sale.    In the year following the website’s launch, DCCA has added functionality to include notices of public sale for judicially foreclosed properties (HRS §667-20(2)), nonjudicial foreclosures that are not owner-occupied (HRS §667-27(d)(2)), and properties foreclosed under the Association Alternate Power of Sale Foreclosure Process (HRS §667-96(d)(2)).  Electronic publication of notices of public sale costs $300 per notice (HRS §667-76(b)). 



If you have any questions or concerns about this website, please contact us at [email protected] . Or you can contact us during business hours at 808-586-2886. 


For attorneys and/or commissioners:  

Electronic Publishers Guide

If you wish to publish a Notice of Public Sale:

Statutory authorization for electronic publication of Notice of Public Sale legal notices is pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes §667-20, Hawaii Revised Statutes §667-27, and Hawaii Revised Statutes §667-96. These sections provide foreclosing associations and mortgagees with an optional procedure to publish certain notices of public sale electronically. Users of this site must be familiar with the Foreclosure by Action, Power of Sale, and Association Alternate Power of Sale foreclosure processes, including, but not limited to, the requirements ofChapter 667, Hawaii Revised Statutes and Act 182 (Session Laws of Hawaii 2012).

Electronic notices issued pursuant to this site is one of a number of notices that owners receive as part of the nonjudicial foreclosure process.

To publish a notice

  • Log in to the portal (create a UserID if necessary)
  • Click on "add" under Notices
  • Your published notices are accessed through your dashboard