Cyber Shopping Tips

Cyber Shopping – Be Aware (2016)

Cyber Monday has been the most popular online shopping day of the year.  With the increase of Internet traffic, it is more challenging for retailers to detect cyber intrusions or abnormal activity.  The majority of sales are made by credit card transactions.  Fraudulent activity can be disputed on your credit card.  Do not use a debit card, as fraudulent activity could drain your entire account.  DFI has an information link relating to when to use a debit card vs. credit card.

Tips from DFI

Consumer credit cards can be compromised online in the following ways:

  • Phishing: Phishers try to scare consumers into providing account information under the belief that personal information has already been compromised. These types of e-mails are becoming more sophisticated and are harder to detect.
  • Spoofing: Counterfeit e-mails with legitimate-looking company headers are delivered to consumers with links provided in them that often contain malware.
  • Malware: Software installed on a computer and performs unwanted tasks benefiting a third party member that could include stealing passwords and data or infecting other computers.
  • Hacking: Criminals bypass merchant security database features and steal stored card data.

Some tips for safe online holiday shopping:

  • Mobile devices often do not have the security precautions of regular computers
  • Do not use public computers or public wireless Internet
  • Secure your home wireless network (password protect it)
  • Keep your devices and software updated, including security and anti-virus applications (download all patches and upgrades)
  • Use strong passwords (use numbers, special characters, upper and lower case)
  • Only shop with trusted merchants
  • Pay with only one credit card
  • Ensure the site has “https” in the address
  • Do not click on pop-ups while shopping
  • Be observant about opening e-mails, attachments, and clicking on links
  • Do not auto-save your personal information (do not have the website remember your password)
  • Only download applications from a trusted source