Organization and Services of DFI

DFI is led by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions who is responsible for the overall policies and operations of DFI.  The Commissioner is assisted by an administrative staff including the Deputy Commissioner of Financial Institutions, Financial Institution Regulation Analyst, Financial Institution Specialist, and a secretarial staff headed by the Secretary of DFI.

DFI has two branches: (1) Examination Branch, and (2) Licensing and Regulatory Analysis Branch. Each is headed by a Branch Manager and staffed with professional examiners.

The Examination Branch is responsible for on-site examinations of financial institutions, escrow depositories, money transmitters, mortgage loan originators, and mortgage loan originator companies.  Examinations of financial institutions are normally conducted at least once every eighteen months. If the condition of the institution warrants further attention, more frequent examinations and visitations are conducted. DFI also conducts specialized examinations involving such areas as trust, compliance, information systems, and international banking, and conducts regular off-site financial statement and operational reviews of financial institutions.

The Licensing and Regulatory Analysis Branch is responsible for licensing activities, regulatory approvals, and the off-site monitoring program. This includes:

  • Processing applications to allow financial institutions to conduct various types of activities;
  • Processing initial and renewal license applications; and
  • Responding to inquiries, requests, and consumer complaints.