2022 MLO training

2022 MLO training by DFI.  Three parts:

  1. MLO Training – Licensing Hot Topics – This session covers new laws, the new normal for mortgage loan originator activity for branches, and expectations for mortgage loan originators and mortgage loan originator companies.
  2. MLO Training – Exam Hot Topics – This session covers violations discovered by examiners over the last two years of off-site exams and provides some best practices.
  3. MLO Training – Future of the mortgage industry – This session covers whether mortgage loan originators are needed in the future, digital currency real estate transactions, and things that are changing at DFI that may affect the mortgage industry.

Presentation Materials

1- 2022 MLO training licensing – F
2 – 2022 MLO training Exam – F
3 – 2022 MLO training – Future – F

‘Olelo play dates:

Sept 16    6:00pm     Olelo49
Sept 18    10:00pm   Olelo49
Sept 19    8:00am     Olelo49
Sept 20    1:30pm     Olelo49

Please check your local listing for additional play days.