2015 MS FAQ Assignment of Servicing Rights



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 What requirements apply to assignment of servicing rights?
Section 454M-5(k), HRS, provides that upon assignment of servicing rights on a residential mortgage loan, the mortgage servicer shall disclose to the borrower:
(1)        Any notice required by RESPA, including title 12 C.F.R. section 1024.33 (mortgage servicing transfers), within the time periods prescribed therein; and
(2)       A schedule of the ranges and categories of the mortgage servicer’s costs and fees for the servicer’s servicing-related activities, which shall comply with state and federal law and, if the disclosure is made by a mortgage servicer licensee, shall not exceed those reported to the Commissioner in accordance with Chapter 454M, HRS.

What requirements apply to acceptance of assignment of servicing rights?
Section 454M-5(l), HRS, provides that at the time a servicer accepts assignment of servicing rights for a mortgage loan, the servicer shall disclose to the borrower all of the following:
(1)       Any notice required by RESPA;
(2)       A schedule of the ranges and categories of its costs and fees for its servicing-related activities, which shall comply with Chapter 454M, HRS, and which shall not exceed those reported to the Commissioner; and
(3)       A notice in a form and content acceptable to the Commissioner that the servicer is licensed by the Commissioner and that complaints about the servicer may be submitted to the Commissioner.