Internet Speed Map Frequently Asked Questions

What does a speed test measure?

The speed tests measure your internet connection speed and quality. After you hit “Go,” the test is run and the results shown are download speed, upload speed, and ping.

Download Speed: This is how quickly internet content is transferred to your computer or network in Mbps (megabits per second). The higher your speed, the faster you can download or stream video or other media content, such as music and images.

Upload Speed: This is how quickly internet content may be uploaded to the internet in Mbps. The higher your speed, the faster you can upload videos, music and images.

Ping: This is the amount of time it takes data to travel from one computer to another on a network, also referred to as the latency or jitter.

Why doesn’t my location show on the map after I submit my test results?

You may have skipped the first step in the survey. Please try again and make sure you have entered your address or marked your location on the map.

How do I enter my location?

You may enter your location in two ways:

  • Type your address in the “Find address or place” box (shown below). Note that as you start to type your address, suggested addresses will appear. Click on your address.

  • Click on the “+” and “-“ symbols, as needed, to zoom in and out on the map. To move the map view, click and hold the left mouse button to position the map and release the left mouse button.

Once you have zoomed in and found your location, click the left mouse button to mark your location with the blue marker. You may adjust the location of the blue marker by using the left mouse button.

Why is my internet speed lower than expected?

Please click here for tips on internet connection and speed.

What do I do if I try to access the survey and receive a message “The survey does not exist or is not accessible”?

In some instances in which Internet Explorer or Edge is used to access the survey, an error results and this message will appear (or the survey will not to load). If this happens, please try to access the survey using an alternate browser (e.g., Chrome).

If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), please disconnect from your VPN. This is also recommended for more accurate speed test results.

Other questions or feedback?

Please contact [email protected].