If my registration is accepted, how long is that registration valid?

As of July 1, 2003, the law provides that your initial registration is valid for only five years. It will be your responsibility to reregister your name at the end of that period or any time during the six months proceeding the expiration date. If you renew your registration in a timely manner, your renewed registration will be valid for five years. Please note that the Department does not send out notices to remind you of the expiration date. Therefore, it is your responsibility to remember to re-register. If you forget when the expiration date is, you can go to the Business Name Search to find the information online or contact the Business Registration Division to inquire about it. By chance, if you do forget to re-register the name, be aware that anyone may register an expired name. So, to avoid future problems, please remember to re-register your trade name before it’s expiration.