For Former Heald Students and Heald Records Requesters

***Students needing Hawaii Heald College transcripts should order online***
DCCA Offices are closed in response to Governor Ige’s directive to telework due to the COVID-19 situation.  As a result, workers are unable to retrieve mail, thus mail-in requests will not be received at this time.  HPEAP will continue processing online requests to the extent possible, although please understand that turnaround times may be longer than normal during this telework period.  Order online at:
For DCCA operational updates, please check:
HPEAP-related questions can be emailed to [email protected].

1. Transcripts and Employer Educational Verification Requests

Complete and submit the HPEAP Transcript Request form (PDF, 587 KB). Beginning July 1, 2016, a $10 fee per request will apply. Transcripts are usually mailed out within two to three business days following receipt of the request form.
**Former Hawaii Heald students can now submit your request form and pay with credit card online here:
NOTE: If you are requesting a transcript to further your education, schools usually want transcripts sent directly to them. Indicate the school’s name and address in the “Mailing Address” section of the online form.

**Please note that this online payment option is run by a third-party and they charge an additional service fee.

Education verification cannot be done over the phone. You must submit either our request form, or your organization’s form, complete with signed authorization by the former student that provides permission to release the information to you. Employment companies should mail these forms to us along with payment by check or money order (beginning July 1, 2016, a $10 fee per request will apply). Checks or money orders should be made payable to DCCA. Our mailing address is:
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 541
Honolulu, HI 96809

**If an organization submits an education verification request through the online ordering system, it also needs to supply a release form showing a copy of the student’s signature authorizing the release of information before the request is processed. This can be sent via fax at (808) 586-2856. Please contact HPEAP for further assistance at (808) 586-7327 or [email protected].

2. Loan Forgiveness

For the latest information about debt relief for students of Corinthian Colleges (including Heald College), please visit:

For More Help: Call (855) 279-6207 or email [email protected] for questions on loan forgiveness.

3. Bankruptcy

The Student Trust is seeking to establish procedures for the management of student records of Corinthian Colleges, including Heald. Critical documents including diplomas, transcripts, student ledgers, enrollment agreements, and loan documents would be scanned and preserved electronically. The notice says records that are scanned or not requested will be destroyed. The notice also says students that would like the Student Trust to attempt to locate and preserve all student records related to you should send a written request received no later than January 23, 2017, to:
Lorie Ball
2049 Century Park East, Suite 3400
Los Angeles, California 90067
fax (310)229-5800
email [email protected]

You can view a copy of the motion at

We are still trying to find out who will be the point of contact for students to access the preserved records. The Student Trust website is here:

Please note that these records are completely separate from the official transcripts that HPEAP provides for a $10 fee as described at the top of this page.
We have no affiliation with the Student Trust and are not sure what kind of time frame they will allow, although they intend to provide the records free of charge.

These links provide information regarding Corinthian Colleges’ bankruptcy filing:

4. Private Loans

Contact the private lender for options. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has issued this bulletin that pertains to private loans:

5. Transfer Schools

Many local institutions have expressed interest in assisting Heald students, including the University of Hawaii, which has created a page specifically for applicants formerly attending Heald Honolulu.
Schools must be contacted to find out if the school has a comparable program and whether it will accept Heald credits.

6. Refund of Tuition or Fees Paid for the Spring 2015 Semester

HPEAP does not have a tuition recovery fund. Given Corinthian’s bankruptcy filing, unfortunately, HPEAP would not be able to recover tuition payments through an enforcement action.

7. Veteran’s Educational Benefits

For questions regarding Veteran’s educational benefits, call an Education Case Manager at 1-888-442-4551 or
Curtis Washburn
Director, VA State Approving Agency
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 808-956-2236