Due to COVID-19 and for the health and safety of both consumers and staff, walk-in services at the Cable Television Division of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs are unavailable to the public until Monday, November 2nd. Staff continue to telework and will remain available to meet the needs of the public over the phone and online. Click here for contact information.

COVID-19 Consumer Information on Free/Lower Cost Internet Access and Helpful Tips

Welcome to the Cable Television Division broadband page!

The Cable Television Division works to promote and facilitate access to affordable, broadband-level telecommunications service across the State so that all residents may benefit from the many online applications, programs, and resources available, including telework, e-learning programs, and online job, health, and government services.

State Designated WiFi Hotspots Offering 1 Hour of Free Service – Click here for locations!
“Hawaii Internet Speed Map” Tool – New tool to report home internet speeds to create a crowd-sourced map. See below for more information.
“Hawaii No Internet Service Map” Tool – New tool for users to report locations with no available internet service. See below for more information.
Report on Fixed Wireline Broadband Speeds in Hawaii (July 2019)
See description below. Click here for interactive map of results.
Measuring Broadband America – Want more information on your home internet speeds? Click here to participate!
Federal Funding to expand broadband to rural areas. Click here for more information.

Broadband Deployment Information

“Internet Speed Map” Tool

DCCA has created this tool to allow residents to report their home internet service to create a crowd-sourced map of Hawaii’s broadband landscape.

To access the “Internet Speed Map” tool click here.

“No Internet Service” Mapping Tool

DCCA has created this tool to allow residents to map their location to report that no internet service is available in their community by mapping that location. This information can help identify unserved or underserved locations to assist policymakers and other stakeholders in efforts to improve connectivity to those areas.

To access the “No Internet Service” mapping tool click here.

Report on Wireline Broadband Speeds in Hawaii (July 2019)

DCCA is pleased to provide this Report of Fixed Wireline Broadband Speeds in Hawaii issued in July 2019. This report is based upon DCCA’s analysis of fixed wireline performance data obtained from Ookla, proprietor of Speedtest.net, which collects speed test data from over a million consumer-initiated speed tests taken in Hawaii annually.

This report, which reflects one method of evaluating existing Internet service offerings in the State, is offered as a supplement to the Federal Communications Commission’s deployment data below.

To access the complete 2019 report click here.

To access interactive version of the map included in the 2019 report, click here.

To access the 2018 report, click here.