Time Share Program

Registration License Types
  • Developer
  • Annexation
  • Plan Manager
  • Acquisition Agent
  • Exchange Agent
  • Booth
Renewal Information
Developer and Plan Manager

  • Biennial December 31 every even numbered year.

Other registration categories

    • Biennial December 31 every odd numbered year.


(Renewal Applications Available Online)
Acquisition Agent Renewal Application
Exchange Agent Renewal Application
Registrations MUST be renewed by December 31, 2021
Registration applications must be received or postmarked by December 31, 2021


Failure to timely renew by the renewal date will result in the forfeiture of the registration. After the renewal date, the forfeited registration may be restored within 90 days and subject to meeting restoration requirements. Failure to restore a forfeited registration within 90 days after the renewal date will result in the termination of the registration and the person must apply as a new applicant and meet current registration requirements.

Pursuant to Section 436B-14.5, HRS , any license held by a member of the armed forces, National Guard, or a reserve component that expires, is forfeited, or deemed delinquent while the member is on active duty and deployed during a state or national crisis shall be restored if certain restoration requirements are met. Military Renewal and Restoration Information Sheet.

Regulating Body
  • Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs - Director