HPEAP’s statute, HRS Chapter 305J, does not apply to

HPEAP’s statute, HRS Chapter 305J, does not apply to:

  • Unaccredited post-secondary educational institutions governed by HRS chapter 446E through the Office of Consumer Protection.
  • Schools that offer courses exclusively through online and distance education.
  • Non-degree granting post-secondary educational institutions licensed by any entity of the State (such as the Department of Education) or governed by any other chapter of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (such as cosmetology, real estate and massage schools).
  • Schools conducted by religious entities that are owned by a religious organization lawfully operating as a nonprofit religious corporation and that award only religious degrees or certificates.
  • Schools that offer courses conducted by public school complex areas.
  • Schools that offer seminars or refresher courses sponsored by professional, business, or farming organizations for their members.
  • Schools that provide courses that do not lead to degrees.
  • Apprenticeship or training programs provided by labor unions to their members.
  • Schools or programs conducted by firms or persons for training their employees.
  • Schools that are a part of the University of Hawaii system.*


* The University of Hawaii is statutorily authorized by Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 305J to provide educational programs in and from the State and as such is exempt from the application process required of other institutions.