Private Detective and Guard Employee Registration Reporting Requirements

Pursuant to Chapter 16-97-15, HAR, List of employees, every sole proprietor shall submit an Employee Registration form on or before July 31st and January 31st after the end of each semi-annual period.

For guard agencies or sole proprietors providing guard services, the employee registration form (PDG-16a) shall list the name, address, guard employee registration number, date of hire and date of termination.

For detective agencies or sole proprietors providing detective services, the form (PDG-16) shall list the names, addresses, dates of birth, and the dates of hire and termination of all employees doing any type of investigative work, and other information required on the form.

These forms shall be filed even if no employees were hired or terminated.

Failure to do so shall result in the Board initiating an investigation for disciplinary action.


If you no longer have employees to stop the reporting requirements.